How to Keep a Long-Distance Relationship Healthy and Strong






Remember the old adage; Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder. Or Does It? Long-distance relationships can be daunting.  However, according to a study in a study in the Journal of Communication, researchers indicated  that couples who participate in a healthy long-distance relationship are more likely to have more meaningful interactions than those who see each other daily.

I discussed this with my boyfriend and we both agreed that a long-distance relationship isn’t that difficult if the couple is prepared to build their relationship on trust, commitment and a long term relationship. The couples who want a successful relationship will relate to people who understand what is required and are prepared to give and do whatever is necessary to make the relationship work – they are also the same people who would work hard on a relationship even if it were close by.

We all must be clear that a relationship has ups and downs; two distinctly different people working towards a common goal, joined together  by love and commitment is the foundation of any relationship. However, when you add 400 or 3,000 miles between hugs, it can be painful.

In my relationship we have had difficult times; however, we both are committed and won’t give up. It seems on days when its harder than others, the more we are committed to our long range plan- to get married. Here are a few tips to help make your long-distance relationship work:

  1. Try to communicate regularly and respond cheerfully.

While you both have to work or study, periodically contact your partner to let them know you are thinking about them. It helps make them feel secure, important and loved. When responding, try to express your joy and appreciation and update your partner on your life as well.

  1. Avoid negative energy and influences

It’s understandable that you may feel moments of loneliness when you have a really bad day and you wish your partner was there for you. But remember your partner has his or her own stress and problems.  Added stress and negativity creates a sense of  frustration and can negatively impact your relationship. Be considerate of one another.

  1. Get on the same page

Be open and honest about your goals in life and your expectations  for the future of your relationship.  No couple can be in a long-distance relationship forever, so set realistic goals and a life plan together for the future.

  1. Honesty Is Your Best Friend

Whenever  you ever have feelings of fear, jealousy or insecurities, don’t handle it by yourself and hide from your partner.  Let your partner help you and give you the support you need.  It’s healthier and wiser to face the problem together during its initial stage than to only disclose it when it overwhelms you and then things are out of control.

  1. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

This is my favorite tip. While last-minute visits can be fun,  make sure you know your partner’s schedule so that when you fly in it won’t interfere with their schedule and you are actually able to enjoy your partner’s company. It must create a wonderful memory.

  1. Seduce each other

Sexual desire is undoubtedly one of the most important things between couples.  Being creative in seducing your partner via text, phone or video-calling will bring you two emotionally closer and let you find him or her sexier than you think. Remember distance makes the heart grow fonder and intimacy is a sacred act that is to be cherished.

At the very end of the day, the goal is to get married. Think about how to keep that special person on your mind and you on theirs… this goes for both partners.  You can make it to that altar if you both are willing to put in the time it takes to nurture a long distance relationship – and it isn’t for the faint of heart.


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