Rome The Eternal City Of Love


Rome, the “eternal city”, has more than two and half thousand years of history. With its array of monuments and museums, it is a perfect mix of modern, ancient and medieval. So, if you are planning an unforgettable romantic wedding, Rome is the right place for you. To create a fairy tale wedding we will show you some amazing places in and around Rome:

  • Castello Odescalchi
    A few kilometers from Rome, is one of the most beautiful feudal residences in Europa. Built in 1470 by the Orsini Family, the castel is an excellent place for weddings, private and cultural events. Martin Scorsese and Isabella Rossellini, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Petra Eccleston and James Stunt are just some of the people who have chosen this beautiful settting to get married! They host more than 50 weddings event per year, with an international clientle. The preparation starts 1 year before the wedding and the cost varies depending on number of guests, location on the venue grounds.
  • Villa Pocci
    Located in the beautiful Castelgandolfo, Mrs. Mary inaugurates the restaurant Beau rivage in 1967 and in the 90s, Maria realizes Villa Pocci for reception and gala events. The intent was to create an idea of reception as an expression of a true passion of creativity and love for a refined welcome. They organize mainly wedding receptions, but on request, is possible to plan the ceremony in the garden of oaks. Plan one and half years out from your wedding date. The internal preparation begins 3 months before the date with the choice of the menù, flowers, decorations and everything you need for the big day. 100 wedding receptions take place in Villa Pocci every year, with people from Europe, America, Australia, of course the cost varies.
  • Hotel Hassler
    A five star hotel in the Centre of Rome, located at the top of the Spanish Steps. The President Roberto E. Wirth personally welcomes guests with elegance and style. Having always been a natural meeting point for the political elite, economic and cultural italian and foreign, the Hassler has had the privilege of welcoming hundreds of international personalities: the Kennedy Family, Prince Rainier of Monaco and Grace Kelly, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Pablo Picasso, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. With its 96 rooms and suites, the Hassler offers unique views of the domes, the courtyards and roofs of the entire city. You can plan your wedding reception in this beautiful Hotel and, sometimes, they organize the ceremony also, upon request.

As for your guests who are traveling for your wedding, the best solution is to rely on specialists who rent entire apartments,rooms and villas for as long as you need. You can find many professionists who provide apartments for a few guests or for groups of 15, like Rome Rents Room. Renting a room is amazingly affordable. The cost depends on the number of guests: more guests, lower price. Plus, all the apartments are located in the best areas of Rome. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get married in Rome!



Castello Odescalchi

Villa Pocci

Hotel Hassler

Rome Rent Rooms

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