Elena Kriegner: the innovation of jewelry

I love my job; every day I meet the most amazing people who teach me something, either through their work or life stories. One of these special people I cherish is Elena Kriegner, an Austrian jeweler who knew at 6 years old… “when I saw my first piece of jewelry, that jewelry making would be my life. Then at 12 years old, I was creating jewelry for my schoolmates. I believe that a job can’t just be a job, it must be a part of you, and that every person is built in a special way for a reason and what we create with our work can only be the result of who we are.” Which is why Elena’s creations are made with perfection.

Elena is a Master Jewelry Maker and Goldsmith, who studied at the European Jewelry Design School. This jewelry artisan is adventurous and has traveled around the world in a boat because she believes, if something seems crazy but you feel it is right, do it and that too many people think too much…“How can I do that? Where am I going? And if it doesn’t work? Maybe it’s better if I stay in my country.…” While thinking is good, sometimes we need courage to do something that seems crazy, but brings you to your appointed destination. And, that’s what Elena did; she spent more than one year on that boat, visiting and discovering many countries, places, cultures, and lifestyles.

After one year around the world, Elena’s final destination was New York, where her sister Herta lived. The began working together to follow their passions. Herta is an internationally renowned graphic designer. And thanks to Herta, Elena had the best idea ever about jewelry. Elena gleamed when she shared Herta’s brilliance. “Herta came back from a holiday in Hawaii, where she found a place where you can select, purchase and open your own pearls for 10 dollars. She brought the pearl back to New York and asked me to create a special piece with the pearl without destroying it, by making a necklace or ring – then I thought moving pieces!

Today, Elena creates the base of the ring, adds a removable part with the pearl in a case, and uses rock crystals, diamonds, topaz, amethyst and other moveable pieces. Each part can be used in different ways; from a removable part of a ring to being transformed in a necklace, or earrings. Every piece is a creation that reflects highest quality of design and craftsmanship and are perfect for every possible occasion.




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