Pinch of Provocative Passion—The wedding outfit you should really focus on!

The dress, the dress, the dress, the dress. After the proposal, most women would jump to the idea of their outfit, if they don’t already have a vision for the “perfect” one. But what about post wedding, are you going to be one of those brides that, on the day of the wedding, realizes that she has nothing special for her wedding night because you’ve been so caught up with everything else? Are you going to be one of those brides that is so busy impressing all your guests with the right drapes and flowers that you forget to impress the one you decided to spend your life with?

So cut the clichés loose and dare to deal with the most provocative lingerie fashion has to offer.


La PerlaLa Perla

Chantal ThomassChantal Thomass



Agent ProvocateurAgent Prov


Experiment with the sexuality of your relationship and invest time in picking the right Lingerie for your special night. Be creative with Cosa or keep it Parisian with Perla. Either way, make it as important as the dress because even though 1,000 people aren’t going to see it, the most important person will.

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