Southern Belles Take Over New York

New York City is still one of the best places to travel to for your girls’ trip or whether you are planning a destination wedding or honeymoon. My bestie and I took a six-day journey to New York. We visited some of the most world-renowned hot spots in the city that never sleeps. In New York, it is impossible to be bored; there is a multitude of activities to do ranging from modest pricing to upscale activities.  During our six-day stay, we made sure to visit more than just Manhattan which included the Iconic Brooklyn, birthplaces to legends such as Biggie Smalls–Notorious BIG, Nia Long, Barbara Streisand Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Harlem home of the Cotton Club, Red Roaster, and The Apollo, to make sure we were getting the full experience of New York outside of the main city.

During our stay in the Big Apple, we stayed in the Stewart Hotel on 7th Ave. The Stewart Hotel is an amazing chic modern hotel, reasonably priced for newly graduates such as ourselves. When we walked into the hotel lobby, we were immediately amazed by the chic, modern decor. Our room was very spacious and stylish; our room included two double beds, a kitchenette, and a workspace. Adjacent to the hotel is one of my favorite amenities, Niles, the restaurant and bar, which seems to be the home spot to the legendary Madison Square Garden– home to the New York Liberty, and famous for the most iconic concerts that have ever taken place in the City. The bartenders and waitresses were so hospitable and looked forward to seeing us every night to hear about our adventures. 

So since we are writing this piece for a wedding magazine, It is only fitting that we tell you why The Stewart Hotel may be a great place for you to consider for your traveling guests. If you were to have a destination wedding, this would be a great place for your guests to stay, because the hotel is in the center of all the city’s action. The first Macy’s establishment located on 34th street is about a five minute walk from the Stewart; Times Square is about a fifteen-minute walk from the hotel as well.

Surround Yourself With Luxury Experiences

If you are looking for a more luxurious stay,  we highly recommend the InterContinental New York Barclay, which would be a more fitting choice. The InterContinental New York Barclay Hotel is located in Midtown Manhattan. The history is nothing less than iconic. Surrounding the hotel are various choices of restaurants and bars to indulge in. We visited the Intercontinental hotel to support Haute Couture Bridal Designer Yemi Osunkoya, for the launch of  Kosibah’s Bridal Atelier Suite 465. The Intercontinental New York Barclay granted us access to their extravagant  Harold S. Vanderbilt Penthouse. This Penthouse is about 2,700 square feet, with two rooms and one master bedroom that has a luxurious king-size bed and a private terrace that overlooks the city. The Intercontinental New York Barclay would be the perfect place to spend your honeymoon or your girl’s trips because of its breathtaking views and luxurious atmosphere.

If you are looking for a New York Elopement–the Harold S. Vanderbilt Penthouse is an exquisite space to host your intimate wedding soiree that will suit all your wedding needs and picture perfect with the city skyline as your backdrop. For something more elaborate of course there are their ballrooms that can host a well produced wedding in their spacious venue and with over 300 rooms we are sure they can accommodate you and your guests.

Things To Do In The Big City

Another of my favorite moments on this trip was when we decided to have a girls’ day, we went shopping on 5th avenue and grabbed cocktails at the famous Plaza Hotel,  Truman Capote’s annual black, and white balls,  and films which were prominently featured such as Sabrina, 1974 version of The Great Gatsby with Mia Farrow and Robert Redford, Home Alone 2 and of course Bride Wars. The Plaza Hotel is steps away from Central Park, west of 5th Avenue. Before arriving at the hotel, we strolled down 5th Avenue. 5th Avenue which is the home to countless upscale and lavishing boutiques  such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Fendi, Gucci, Tiffany & Co., etc. 

When we walked into Tiffany’s, we were in complete awe of all of the displays of jewelry and fine china. The best thing about making a purchase at Tiffany’s is knowing that anything that you invested in if taken care of,  from the company will appreciate in value over the years. Basically, any purchase made at Tiffany’s is worth the investment. After leaving Tiffany’s, all of the luxury stores were closed for the night, so we were able to stroll through Central Park very quickly. We arrived at the Plaza hotel and where we were immediately greeted by the friendliest doormen. Once we entered the lobby, we were taken aback by the grandeur of the lobby, the beautiful grand staircase leading to the lounge bar, and Ausoline’s Bookstore which was sadly closed for the moment.  But all the chandeliers were simply exquisite.  The opulence of the decor of Palm Court was definitely royal in every sense of the word. The gold accents and marble floors and columns were the tips of the iceberg for us. Although the restaurant was not filled, you saw the glamour and ambiance that resonates in a place like this. 

This area would be great for wedding receptions and cocktail parties. The ballroom was only more spacious and decorated with reds and pink, I believe these colors help create a romantic atmosphere. The staff was very courteous to us and made sure they took care of us during our entire visit. 

Experiencing Culture Through the Arts

As our experience continued another highlight of our New York journey was when we visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art or otherwise known as the MET. The MET has over 5,000 years of fine art in its museum from all around the world. The MET is located on 5th Avenue at 82nd street. It is a wonderful way to bring a little culture and knowledge to your visit to New York. While at the MET, it felt as though every time I stopped into another room, I was entering another world. It was wonderful to see how art has evolved over time, but it was also interesting to see how different cultures displayed their art. 

Experiencing The Night Life Is Still A Thing

On another day, we decided to grab some cocktails and visit the Gansevoort rooftop, which is located at the Gansevoort Hotel. The Gansevoort Hotel is in the heart of the meatpacking district on 9th avenue. The rooftop has a modern, chic aesthetic with all of the white and gold furniture. There is also a panoramic view of New York City, so when you are taking pictures with your friends, there will be a beautifully lit skyline behind you. The Gansevoort Rooftop says that their rooftop should be used as an escape from all of the loud noise and hustle and bustle of the city. 

While in Chelsea, we dined at Buddakan. Buddakan is a lavish Asian cuisine restaurant.The restaurant is located on 9th avenue. This restaurant is a one of the hot spots in New York Nightlife, everyone employed there most definitely looked as though they were just ripped out of the pages of  a fashion magazine. Very model-like behavior. Once you walk into the actual dining area, the lights are dimmed. Buddakan has art in almost every room, the art includes either a painting or a sculpture. This restaurant almost felt like a club, their live  DJ, playing world music all night. Buddakan is definitely a must-go-to hotspot. The food was magnificent, it was one of my favorite meals that I have had in New York. 

Live Love & Soothe Your Soul In Harlem

You haven’t been to New York if you haven’t visited Harlem. My absolute favorite restaurant experience in New York was at the Red Rooster in Harlem. This restaurant is located just off of the famous 125th and Lenox Avenue. The owner of the establishment is none other than legendary Marcus Samuelsson, where he famously hosted former President Obama and numerous other celebrities. The Red Roster serves Southern comfort cuisine, which draws a lot of tourists to this wonderful establishment. My table ordered the Bucatini Piccadilly, which has crab, shrimp, lobster, lemon, and herbs. The decor of the restaurant on the walls was covered in various symbolism of certain events in history, especially Black history. This is the perfect place to make friends and family because of its laid-back environment with exquisite southern comfort cuisine. 

All in all, New York City was an absolute adventure. New York is perfect for any event that you have in mind, whether it is a girls’ trip, destination wedding, or your honeymoon. The best part of traveling around the city is you do not have to spend unnecessary expenses on uber or getting a cab unless you are skipping through town in your stilettos, the best way to get around New York like a true New Yorker is to take the subway. New York has so many amazing sites to see and places to eat. It is almost impossible for anyone to be bored in New York because there is always something to explore. 

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