How To Get The Perfect Engagement Ring


You’ve found the love of your life and are planning on proposing to the woman of your dreams. But gentlemen, don’t just rush out and buy any sparkly engagement ring you find at any jeweler.  Here at World Bride Magazine, we believe that finding the perfect engagement ring for your future fiancée is crucial to the start of your lifelong journey together.  As I took on this assignment to write this piece, I wanted to get a man’s point of view on the whole engagement ring shopping process so I put my beloved on the spot and asked him for his input.  So after a bit of conversation with Nicholas Ward, here are some helpful  tips  he had for you to remember as you prepare for the big proposal.

  1. Parental Permission

“Prior to the ring purchasing process, parental consent to marry their daughter is important. It provides their confidence that you’ll treat their daughter right, thereby beginning the search for a ring.”

-While not required, it’s respectful to ask your future fiancée’s parents, particularly her father, or legal guardian for permission to ask for her hand. Remember, not only are you marrying her, you are joining her family as well.

  1. Remember the Basics

“For the ring itself, the following is required: ring size, family traditions (like having a grandmother’s ring re-cut), budget, knowing what your future fiancée likes in jewelry, and compatibility with wedding ring set (fitting a wedding band with the engagement ring, for example).”

-Sticking to the basics for finding the perfect ring is important to both you, your future fiancée and your families. Knowing your future fiancée’s likes is crucial to finding the ring that fits her in every way possible.

  1. Understand its Value

“The value of an engagement ring is the official beginning of a lifelong commitment to your partner. No other pieces of jewelry, with exception of wedding rings, have this kind of message. Therefore, this has to be taken as seriously as possible because a poorly executed engagement can potentially ruin the relationship altogether.”

-We know engagement rings can be expensive, but don’t be too cheap either. Remember the message the engagement ring is giving, be smart about your budget and stick to it.

  1. Surprise Her!

“For most guys, this may be your one shot to completely sweep your woman off her feet. My only suggestion is have the perfect proposal for all parties involved. Maybe try to surprise her as much as possible.”

-A perfect engagement ring requires a perfect proposal, otherwise the process in buying the ring is pointless. World Bride Magazine has suggestions on creative proposal ideas so you can flaunt your love and knowledge of your partner with that perfect ring.

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