Skincare Essentials to Get You Through the Winter

winter skincare

Enduring the freezing and bone-dry climate in regions that undergo harsh winters can play a huge toll on the health of your skin. During the winter months, cold and dry winds cause skin to become irritated, brittle, and dehydrated. The solution to these unpleasant side effects is having a disciplined and effective ultra-hydrating winter skincare routine throughout the season. Regardless of your skin type, these 9 products will do wonders for achieving and maintaining healthy, vibrant, and hydrated skin until spring’s warmth and moisture returns to the air:


1) Deep Sea Cosmetics: Black Diamond Magnetism Mud MaskOriginating from the Dead Sea, this luxurious mineral-rich mask is not only a pore-cleansing powerhouse, but is also fantastically hydrating. This unique mask uses magnetic technology and a proprietary Peptide Complex to forcefully draw dirt and oils embedded in pores to the surface. Unlike the majority of mud masks, this one does not leave your face feeling dry and excessively taut – due to the Dead Sea minerals and natural aromatic oils that are left over after the magnetic bar is swiped across the face to removed the magnetic mud. Make note that this mask is appropriate for all skin types excluding skin with active acne outbreaks. Deep Sea Cosmetic’s Black Diamond Magnetism Mud Mask is a must-try for skincare lovers, and can be purchased directly from their website listed here.

winter skincare2) Bioxidea: Mirage 48 Excellence Gold Face & Body Care MaskThis pearl and gold-infused two-step process is an outstanding addition to any spa day lineup. After being applied to the face for 30 minutes, your skin will be left glowing accompanied with the feeling of immediate hydration. While the mask is on, draw yourself a hot bath and after your 30-minute face session toss the mask into the warm bath water for a full-body rejuvenation. For more information on the Mirage 48 Excellence Gold Face & Body Care Mask as well as to check out Bioxidea’s full line of luxury masks, visit their main site here.

winter skincare

3) Kristals Cosmetics: Ruby Super Thermal Repair MaskUtilizing the most advanced anti-aging science available today (thermal cosmeceuticals), this mask combats deep lines and wrinkles while preparing the face for optimal skincare absorption. As you rub this cream-like potion onto your freshly cleansed and wet face, the mask actually becomes warm to touch – a chemical reaction as it comes in contact with water. Apply more water after the mask is applied to further activate the product’s luxurious heating technology. This is great to use at the end of the week prior to your evening skincare routine, however this can be used twice per week if desired. This product in particular is part of a set of 3 – all of which are wonderful and worth trying out for yourself. For more information, Kristals’ main site can be viewed here.

winter skincare

4) Borghese: Acqua Ristorativo Hydrating ConcentrateTo be applied directly after cleansing and before using a moisturizer, only a few drops from this little glass bottle makes a world of a difference in regard to restoring moisture and radiance to the skin. Acqua Ristorativo Hydrating Concentrate is formulated using Borghese’s patented peptide complex, sodium hyaluronate, and pro-vitamin B5 to protect the skin from free radical damage and collagen breakdown while improving overall skin hydration and elasticity. For very dry skin, I recommend applying a second coating of this hydrating concentrate prior to using a moisturizer. Visit Borghese’s main site for more information on this ultra-hydrating serum here.

winter skincare

5) Arbonne Intelligence®: Lip TreatmentIf you’re looking for a winter lip conditioner with heightened cosmeceutical benefits, this breakthrough product is right for you. Not only does Arbonne Intelligence® Lip Treatment provide the deep hydration necessary for combatting winter’s cold and arid weather, but it also utilizes Arbonne’s proprietary ingredient Phytinol™ to soften the appearance of fine lines and support the skin’s natural moisture barrier. This is a great product to use daily by itself or as a primer prior to applying lipstick or gloss. I love applying this whenever I am about to walk out the door in preparation for the frigid air – it keeps my lips feeling hydrated with far less reapplications being needed than mainstream lip balms. For more information, check out Arbonne’s main website here.

winter skincare6) LXMI: Crème Du Nil Unlike many night creams, Crème Du Nil is oil-free and does not leave the face feeling greasy. After applying before bed, your face will ultra-hydrated and smoother in texture upon waking. This moisturizer is fortified with LXMI’s exclusive and signature ingredient – Nilotica Reserve™ – a powerful component to this cream that delivers 25% more essential fatty acids to the skin vs. traditional shea butter. Crème Du Nil also works great as a primer prior to applying makeup when used as the last step to your morning skincare routine! This versatile product can be purchased exclusively at and well as at LMXI’s main website listed here.

winter skincare7) 100% Pure: Purist Pine Bark Eye BalmOrganic and all natural in nature, this eye balm is a lifesaver for those with dry skin. It is formulated with high potency antioxidants and pro-moisture vitamins that enhance skin elasticity, fighting off free radicals, and facilitate the delivery of oxygen molecules to damaged cells while stimulating the natural production of hyaluronic acid in the skin. As an added perk, this product is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. If you are in need of an intensely moisturizing anti-aging product, I highly recommend incorporating this into your winter skincare regimen. Check out more of 100% Pure’s all natural and organic products at their main website here.

winter skincare8) Carita: Perfect Cream Trio of GoldThis is the first professional global anti-aging sleep mask combining masking and night care into one product that promotes skin regeneration and revitalization while you sleep. Perfect Cream Trio of Gold is infused with Carita’s Trio of Gold Complex and GolDNA™ – combatting wrinkles, loss of volume, and lack of firmness. I use this mask once per week prior to going to bed and am amazed by how “alive” my face looks in the morning. If you are in need of deep hydration and desire the superior anti-aging benefits this product provides, get your hands on one for yourself by visiting Carita’s site here.

winter skincare9) Decléor: Aromessence™ Neroli Hydrating Oil SerumDecléor is the leading global authority in essential oil formulation and a pioneer in aromatherapy skincare. This oil serum is one of many in the Aromessence™ line – providing immediate comfort and hydration to the skin while increasing overall radiance. Besides all of the wonderful cosmeceutical benefits associated with this product, the oil serum aroma is enlivening (and the signature teardrop glass bottle makes a beautiful addition to any skincare collection). For deep hydration, apply 4-5 drops as the last step to your PM skincare routine prior to going to bed. More information on Decléor’s luxury product line can be viewed here.

winter skincare


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