Isabelle Armstrong: Haute Couture Bridal Gowns


Isabelle Armstrong

What does a former attorney have to do with luxury? Everything! Remy Quinones is the founder and CEO of Isabelle Armstrong, a luxury fashion design house which creates haute couture wedding gowns. Ms. Quinones successfully launched her first bridal collection in New York City in October 2013. The collection continues to receive significant accolades from the press and continually adds national and international boutiques and major stores to their folio.

Since its launch, Isabelle Armstrong gowns have appeared in numerous wedding and fashion publications. Prior to launching her first bridal collection, Ms. Quinones owned a high-end retail bridal salon, an experience that has given her a unique insight into the world of bridal fashion and fueled her desire to provide beautiful, well-crafted pieces of wearable art to brides worldwide.

Ms. Quinones’s commitment to her extraordinary line evokes these words, “Splendor, Passion, Grace.” Each one of a kind gown embraces an untouchable inspiration that exudes confidence and drives the message that detail is a priority.Isabelle Armstrong

Ms. Quinones is currently in the process of expanding the Isabelle Armstrong brand by launching an Evening Wear Collection this coming fall. While this launch presents an exciting, new development for her company, she continues to grow her core wedding gown business; from hand-beaded gowns, to lace fit and flares to fun “shorties” and kids gowns, Isabelle Armstrong’s newest couture collection embodies the perfect mix of modern and classic styles.

To own and wear an Isabelle Armstrong is the epitome of glamour, high fashion and elegance. We love these incredible pieces of art and trust you will find a location to see just what we are talking about in the land of Haute Couture Bridal Gowns!

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