09 Bonnie and Clyde….

latoya-and-andre When do you know it’s right? Especially when its not your first time. Life in itself is a challenge, working, dealing with ones day to day needs, planning and managing a career, to say the least. So now you add the challenge of marriage. Sharing your life with someone is a selfless act. Your every thought, decisions involves the well being of another.  How do you know when the person is right for you? When loving the person becomes “Effortless”. That was the word Super Model Andre Brown had to say about his beau Latoya Scott.
I met with this wonderful young couple for dinner it was magical.   Not in a fairy tale sort of way, in the way that only could happen in New York City and in the Fashion Industry.
Boy sees girl, boy approaches girl and boy fakes being lost to get girls attention, girl falls for it and love is destine to blossom.
Well it wasn’t that simple but something like that, Andre confessed to following her from work and didn’t know how to approach her so he faked needing direction to get her attention. Lovely……
We we will take the final journey with this great couple as they plan their nuptials. They were originally planning a wedding in the Caribbean, but due to unforeseen circumstances they decided to plan their great day in New York City.  The overtone of the economy also played a role in addition to not wanting to add further stress to themselves or their loved ones.  So they shift gears and began planning their wedding right in the heart of New York City where they fell in love, and at the perfect NYC location, The High Bar.  Not a bad place to settle for; The High Bar is over looking the New York City sky line in midtown Manhattan.  This chic New York Hot Spot suits the fabulous life that this young couple represent and all they will bring.  Dress, by famous New York Designer Youlin, the race to meet this May 2009 nuptial deadline begins.  With so much they need to do I was amazed that this Caribbean beauty was not pulling her hair from its roots.  Still needing Florist, location decor, hair stylist, dj, transportation, hotel accomadation, I was  puzzled as to why she was so calm.  Latoya’s response, “I work in fashion.  I deal with frantic models designers, shows every day, this is a walk in the park.”  Need I say more, stay tuned as we follow them through all their wedding plans.  Another question that I asked and the response moved me, ” how do you know this is the last one?”, since they were both previously married.  Andre’s response was because “We like each other, enjoy each others company, ride or die”. Nough said!

Stay tuned as we follow The 09 Bonnie and Clyde through all their wedding plans.

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