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Cesar_Black_and_White_Headshot Bright colors, bold prints and flowing fabrics comprise the line of this self-taught Latin American-born designer. As a first generation Mexican who’s also the youngest of 11 children he grew up in a heavily Latin influenced home. As a child, he loved art and creating things. He was involved in dancing, theater (drama), painting and drawing. His mother even taught him how to sew and with that fervor for creation, Galindo decided to set his heart and mind on designing. This, coupled with his Latin background, became the catalyst for his soon-to-be designs. As I had the pleasure of interviewing Galindo, I got the absolute delight of knowing the creative genius behind his work, as well as his key inspirations and his thoughts on the bridal market.

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Galindo explains that his line CZAR by Cesar Galindo utilizes Latin inspired shades, prints and silhouettes, making use of vibrant colors and hues. His creative process begins with textiles, which are where he draws his inspiration from. He believes that every piece of cloth tells a story through its color and from that, he goes into draping, followed by production. His artistic outlook and state of mind are the key elements of the details that make not only his work, but other brands flourish as well. Galindo has worked with big name brands such as Calvin Klein, GO by Gottex and L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani; lines that feature designs very different from his own line. Galindo explained to me that he believes that it is the responsibility of the designer to get into the mindset and creative direction of the brand and interpret it as such, so that in turn, the final product is something that is catered to that brand specifically.

As we chatted more about his fashion endeavors, the topic of the bridal market came about. Galindo believes that the bridal market is very special in the sense that it’s personal and great designs are involved in the market. He does admit that it can be very challenging as well depending on the particular bride, but if it’s someone you’re close to, it can be a very fun experience, admitting that he actually designed his mother’s 25th anniversary gown. His recommendation for couples planning their wedding would be to “make sure you want to get married because it is a lifetime commitment” and to “ make sure it’s your day and it’s how you want it, don’t let family get in the way or other people’s opinions and make sure it’s whatever you want for that very special day.”

When asked who he would design a wedding dress for if given the chance, he admitted that it was a difficult question, but if given the chance remarked that it would have to probably be someone very special to him. On the pop culture end, he states “everyone that I would want to design for got married already, I don’t know probably for Jennifer Lopez’s fifth wedding”. With a last chuckle at his final statement, our short but sweet interview came to an end. After chatting with the man behind the clothes himself, I’ve come to see that his humble beginnings and strong Latin influences transposed into his line paints a dynamic image of a man who is both talented and genuine.


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