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Looking for the right gift for your bridal party?  Gift giving is only meaningful if the recipient cherishes it.  So you, the gift giver, must put some thought behind what you choose to give to your dear friends that are about to share your day with you.

Jewelry, accessories are something that can be very personal and if not chosen in good taste can go so wrong.   So we found something really unique but full of meaning. Pyrrha Designs is a jewelry design and manufacturing company that produces jewelry based on antique wax seals and heraldic talismans. Pyrrha Designs produces their products from reclaimed gold, sterling silver, and bronze using traditional hand crafting techniques, which have earned them a strong celebrity following.

The name Pyrrha comes from Greek mythology, from the story of Pyrrha and Deucalion. This company continues to work mythological, historical, and sentimental themes throughout all of their designs. The Greek mythology factor of this jewelry line makes its designs more personalized for buyers.

Pyrrha Designs is becoming increasingly popular due to its presence on HBO’s most popular series Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones has its own collection with Pyrrha Designs, each necklace in the collection features unique interpretation of the sigils and mottos in the show, which fans seem to love!

So for the gift that has more value then you may want to visit Pyrrha.

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