Your Favorite Wedding App Is Here!

There is an app for that! It is 2014 and the world of apps has taken over. There is an app for everything you can imagine. So why not a wedding app? Vera Wang’s app will assist you with your wedding plans while adding inspiration. Vera also co-signs other apps that can assist in making your wedding day and the days leading up to it smooth.

1 . The Waterlogue App allows you to tap into your inner artist! It allows you to create amazing images in watercolor. This app will grasp details of your photo in liquid color. You can use your newly transformed pictures for your wedding scrapbook, invitations and thank you cards. With this app the sky is the limit.

2. Take advantage of the TripIt App and use it as your personal assistant. Just email your confirmation emails to TripIt and your day is all set. The app will automatically make up an itinerary for you and guide you through your busy days until you say, “I do.”


3. Everlapse allows your photos to be easily accessible to family and friends. The app allows you to make flip-books that all your friends will have access to. Don’t forget to take a peek at their flip-books too.

4. Reminders is an app I’m sure everyone can utilize. What makes this app different is that it’s only for iPhone users and it manages multiple to-do lists. It allows you to set reminders for certain dates and has the ability to schedule an alarm to sound, when you arrive and leave from a specific location.

5. Have you ever heard a song and wanted to download it but can’t remember the title. Well now we have Shazam. Make sure your big day has every song you ever wanted. This app can recognize music around you. It allows you to buy, comment or share the song once you’ve found it.




Go to your phones market to download these fun and amazing applications.

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