INGLOT Cosmetics – The Brand of Endless Possibilities


Over the last decade, INGLOT Cosmetics has expanded internationally to over 600 stores – establishing an industry-leading presence as one of the most successful makeup companies in the world. Originating from Poland during the collapse of communism in the 80’s, this company has grown to become a global beauty authority in high quality color cosmetics. If you’re able to visit one of INGLOT’s stores (particularly their megastore in Times Square), you will see exactly why I refer to this cosmetic line as the brand of endless possibilities.

The line encompasses an enormous collection of highly pigmented makeup (and nail polish) for any occasion that you could possibly imagine – whether it be for bridal, an Avant-garde/high fashion impact look, or simply for natural every day wear. The real seller and point of differentiation with INGLOT comes down to their legendary Freedom System: a system comprised of sleek durable custom palettes where the customer is able to mix and match from an innovative array of eyeshadows, brow colors, blushes, lipsticks, glosses, cream concealer, and more into one uniform palette that caters to all of their makeup needs and desires. This alone is very appealing to those looking to remove the purse clutter created from carrying around a bulky jumble of beauty products. As product is used, each individual tray can be easily removed for replenishment. To truly understand the beauty of INGLOT’s Freedom System, check it out here:

After getting to experiment with and test a large number of INGLOT’s products, the following three products I can safely call cosmetic must-haves:


1) Freedom System Palette: This is a beautifully packaged new beauty essential. For an every day beauty look, one could have 3 high quality eyeshadows, 1 brow color, 2 cream concealers, 3 lipstick shades, and 1 lip gloss – all encompassed in one uniform “do-it-all” compact palette. With less mess and less space in contrast to carrying numerous separate products, there is nothing not to love about the Freedom System.


2) O2M Breathable Nail Enamel: In addition to having an endless color charged array of hues to choose from, this nail polish is created using a highly advanced polymer that allows oxygen and water to pass through – sustaining the health and natural beauty of the nail. O2M Breathable Nail Enamel is dries quickly and applies more seamlessly when used after O2M Breathable Nail Base. For a longer wear of the nail, apply O2M Breathable Top Coat as a last step.


3) Duraline: Adding a single drop of this magical liquid to any of INGLOT’s Pure Pigment Eyeshadows will instantly transform the powder into a water-resistant, highly pigmented liquid. This is a great product to use to mix eyeshadows together to create endless eyeshadow possibilities.


For superior quality products at outstanding prices, do not hesitate to give this trend-setting brand a try. INGLOT Cosmetics can be purchased at your nearest INGLOT store location, or purchased online by visiting their main website at and selecting your country of residence via the e-shop tab.

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