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Thirsty, dehydrated and lacking moisture. Does this sound like your hair? Well Dark and Lovely’s Au Naturale Moisture L.O.C has the remedy for your parched porous tresse. Au Naturale Moisture L.O.C is a layering moisturizing treatment that will not dry your hair out like most products. It contains NO Mineral, NO Parabens, and NO Petrolatum. The Dark and Lovely L.O.C method works for women with naturally curly hair almost instantly, leaving the curls moisturize, soft and pliable. Dark and Lovely has brought us products that we know, love and trust for over 40 years.

My hair has been natural for 17 years, without any form of relaxer. During the winter I blow dry and use a flat iron on it, but during the summer months I enjoy wearing my hair curly, but my problem is that it becomes way to dry and sometimes it looks like a piece of broccoli (really). So I often wet it daily and use conditioner so that is has some form of shine to it, but the water & conditioner continues that cycle of dry patch. Not only is my hair dry but now my scalp is dry and dry scalp causes a bigger problem like skin irritation. And we know what happens when something gets itchy, we begin to scratch for relief until it becomes red and then the end result could be hair loss, creating another dilemma.

But Curlfriends the drought is over!  There are five key products in the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Moisture L.O.C . Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Moisture Sulfate -Free Shampoil – it hydrates dry thirsty hair.  Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Moisture L.O.C. Deep Conditioner Delight – strengthens and softens dry hair, leaving rejuvenated strands. Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Moisture L.O.C.  Super Quench Leave-In Spray – prepares to lock in moisture.  Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Moisture L.O.C. Soak It Up Oil Cocktail  – absorbs into hair and penetrates the hair shaft.  Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Moisture L.O.C. Lock It In Sealing Cream – Seals the hair for lasting moisture that won’t dry out.  I recommend getting all five for maximum results.  This easy step-by-step regimen will have your curls replenished in no time for your wedding.

The key ingredients are Moringa and Coconut Oils. Moringa oil is one of the most exotic and highly searched oils around the world. The ancient Egyptians used it to protect themselves from the harsh desert conditions. The benefits of Moringa oil have been documented in ancient cultures. Coconut oil has many different uses and is good for the hair, skin and body. Packed with vitamins, Coconut oil is found in the coastal area of the Indian subcontinent Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and parts of the Caribbean.

Dark and Lovely Au Naturale moisture L.O.C. smells refreshingly sweet, exotic and tropical, leaving your curls looking so billowy and feeling soft. As a professional, I tested it first to be able to assure my clients that they too would be satisfied, not only did it work for my hair I later used it in the salon on my other Curlfriends and they LOVED IT! Thank you again Dark and Lovely! You didn’t disappoint! Check out these comments from other curlfriends.

Our beauties praises:

Wanda D.:  Over 14 years ago, the summer of 1999, was when I tried to go back to and embrace my natural hair.  No more PERMS for me I vowed! My significant other was all about the NATURAL Doo as well!  Months and years from texturizer after texturizer, but NO GERI CURL! Couldn’t go there.  Then I once again tried the Rod Set set, straighten & curl, Dominican burnt and back to that Perm again!  From there Senagal Twists, traditional wigs, front lace wigs and then Deep Wave Braids! That was Beautiful.  Back to Natural I went again! Here it is 2015 and after my “Curlfriend” & Sistah “Kheli French” got a hold of my NATURAL HEAD AGAIN and brought back my Natural Curl with Dark & Lovely Au Naturale moisture L O C!  Now my Natural Curls will Live Happily Ever After and the fingers can go back through my HAIR!! My hair is so soft and moisturized.  I love all of the products. Thank You Dark & Lovely, but, most of ALL thank you Kheli  for helping me get my “Natural Curley Swag Back.”



The L.O.C is an abbreviation for:
L: Liquid Leave-In Conditioner
O: Oil Cocktail
C: Cream

Benefits of Coconut and Moringa oil uses
>prevents hair loss
>reduces protein loss
>retains moisture
>helps eliminate dandruff
>protects from lice
>repairs split ends
>prevents baldness and grey hair

Bonus Beauty Secret
>Moringa oil helps restore vitality to the scalp which keeps it youthful and prevents hair loss and is rich and filled with antioxidants


Kheli French

Kheli French is a contributing beauty editor for World Bride Magazine. Kheli is a licensed cosmetologist, colorist, master hair cutter, certified instructor and CFO co-owner of AMF HAIR EXTENSIONS. Kheli’s mantra is “What makes hair different is the texture. Hair works on memory, it can be trained to do whatever you want it to.”

Kheli has worked with a plethora of women and men all over the world, which is displayed on the cover of Iman’s The Beauty of Color. During NYC MBFW, Kheli stunned the audience when model Karolina Korkova hit the runway for designer Atil Kutoglu. Kheli gave the femme fatale rapper Charli Baltimore her signature red hair (Cherri Charli), which inspired the look for Jennifer Garner’s character for ABC’s thriller drama series “Alias.” This Philadelphia native is the owner/stylist of Le’ PINK Champu located in the swanky Manayunk.

In 2010, Kheli French won “Best of Philly” from Philadelphia Magazine:

When a Vera Wang model needs an updo, a Victoria’s Secret catwalker requires blowing-out, or Lil’ Kim, Anita Baker, Selita Ebanks or Lauryn Hill needs natural-looking extensions, a splash of color or an amazing cut, they come to Kheli (or Kheli goes to them). No wonder: From her salon’s two-year-old Manayunk location, she modestly works magic on any kind of hair for clients that walk through the door. That is, when she’s back from Fashion Week. Read more at Phillymag.com here.

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