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My name is Latoya Scott, I’m getting married in about 8 weeks and ‘behind the 8 ball’ doesn’t even describe how behind I am in planning. I need a florist, DJ, décor, hair, jewelry, hotel rooms and my bridesmaid dresses are JUST getting made! Mantra: I must remain calm or they will call me “Brideszilla.”

Khari Seph, a young designer whose portfolio reads from Beyonce to magazines to his own clothing line Celebutante (sold in boutiques such as Scoop and Kitson), is leading the Bridesmaids effort with dresses from his spring line. Each dress is custom made to fit each girl’s contours and we set it up so that the girls would pick their own dress and we make changes to the straps/shape/color to make it hers. The dresses are short and sexy and BLACK with very subtle cream/ivory details. No better dress than a LBD!  They have just gone to production and I’m crossing fingers and toes that all nine can get done in the next month with fittings and fabric that make it perfection. My goal: that the girls not lie to me…They WILL wear it again!

She's in control

Next on the ‘To Do’: jewelry to complement the dresses but not show them up. *Sigh* A bride’s work is never done.

If you’re wondering WHY I waited until the 11th hour…I really didn’t. I was supposed to have a beautiful wedding at a 5-star hotel on a massive terrace overlooking the Caribbean Sea in the Dominican Republic with 150-300 seriously inebriated guests. The resort screwed me out of my deposit and plans went south. Next thing I knew, I was starting from scratch trying to pull off a NYC wedding in 5 months with half the guest list. Needless to say, there are a lot of folks that are mad that they aren’t invited and with a hectic career I had no time to visit the 15,000 possible venues and churches. Therefore it took some time to figure out and I’m keeping my cool with all of the aunt-cousin-sister-brother-friends that come out of the woodwork expecting an invitation even though they haven’t spoken to us or hung with us during our entire relationship. Can’t they just be happy with a marriage announcement and photo? Clearly not.


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