Batani Select Hotels: Home Sweet Home


The Batani family is known for its excellent customer service and luxury in the hotel industry: not only aesthetically beautiful but it makes a great home while on vacation. Grand Hotel Rimini, Grand Hotel Da Vinci, Palace Hotel, Grand Hotel Italia are the five-stars hotels in Rimini, Cesenatico, Milano Marittima and Cluj Napoca; Aurelia Hotel, Grand Hotel Gallia, Hotel Doge, Hotel Universal, Hotel Miramonti are the four-stars in Milano Marittima, Cervia, and Bagno di Romagna; Hotel Diplomatic is considered a three-stars hotel in Cervia. The chain of hotel offeres a wide choice, suitable for every need and for every customer, to make your holiday or the celebration of one of the most important days in a couples life, unique and unforgettable.

WBM discovered the rich history of this respected chain of hotels on a visit where the management and its staff were kind enough to educate us.  On our visit we were able to enjoy the atmosphere along with the other guests staying at the Hotel Aurelia, experiencing the comforts of the rooms and the excellent restaurant.  A unique experience for those who want to taste the authentic Italian food’s, thanks to the fabulous chef Ruggero Costa, whose culinary skills along with the wonderful produce grown in Fattoria Batani.  The family is dedicated to their craft and it can be felt every day as you can see the love and passion mixed with the dedication they have for their hotels and their customers.



The Story Behind The Brand

In the 1920s, the territory on which our structures stand was an arid, swampy environment that had to be cultivated. Subsequently, in the ’50s, this territory was chosen by Milanese artists and visionaries, giving life to our “Milan by the sea”: Milano Marittima. From that day, it was a constantly seeing growth. Milano Marittima, located in Emilia Romagna, is a place frequented by the Milanese, Bolognese, Modenese, Forlìese elite. A place that increasingly took the current forms, famous for its beaches and nightlife. Its popularity has increased to become one of the destinations for the excellence of Italian tourism, also very popular abroad.

What was the initial intent of the Hotel Aurelia and why did it grow in this area of Milano Marittima?

The growth of tourism is a confirmation of appreciation by numerous customers gave birth to our Hotel Aurelia in the ‘50s. Excellent location, near the port and the two centers of Cervia and Milano Marittima. 

What does it mean to you having a hotel in one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy?

We are very happy to see Milano Marittima listed among the most desirable places to visit. Certainly exciting and a source of pride for us. A popular destination loved and confirmed year after year by tourists not only Italians but also from many visitors around the world. We make it our point to always maintain a high level of customer care to meet our customer’s expectations and not disappoint them.

You have a variety of customers: where do most of the guests come from?

The majority of our customers are Italian, a good portion of them are German, Swiss, Austrian, French and American minority. Everyone appreciates our commitment to making them feel at home, serene and pampered. We must not forget, they really like the “serenity” of silence in our garden.

You also organize wonderful weddings and wedding receptions, describe them to us.

We often are the frame for joyous events such as weddings, baptisms, communions, birthday parties and anniversaries, or even bachelorette/ bachelor parties.  Our goal is to make the dreams of our costumes come true and satisfy their needs in the smallest detail. For example, for the wedding, we do not limit ourselves to just personalizing the menu with the couples, but we take care of every detail, from the graphics to the decorations, to the smallest of requests. We make it our point to always and only follow their directions and guide them as we see fit as experts.  Creating a perfect atmosphere that covers all of the details, excellent cuisine, beautiful indoor and outdoor locations, large and elegant lounges, panoramic terraces, the beach, parks with swimming pool and gardens by the lake in the hills. Our wedding planners will take care of every aspect of the ceremony and will leave you worry-free.  So whichever property you choose from our many locations whether you are a local, or come from abroad, every detail will be taken care of without the slightest difficulties for our well-seasoned staff.

What Inspired The Decore Of The Hotel?

From mid-October 2017, we went under renovations to Spring 2018, the Hotel Aurelia presents a new image now, but always authentic to our contemporary classic style with light and bright colors.

We noticed your kitchen is very popular, we have tasted some of your delicious dishes and we noticed you pay special attention to the smallest details, both in preparation and taste and in the final presentation.

Our Chef Ruggero Costa with his enterprising temperament has successfully placed himself at the forefront of the culinary world, he has collaborated with a variety of personalities, thus giving birth to this avant-garde sense of style,  yet respecting tradition.  He seems to have created harmony while building a great team simultaneously perfecting his gift. Our chefs use the best raw materials and produce from Fattoria Batani, delivered daily to all restaurants within a few hours from each establishment. Fruit, vegetables, oil, and eggs have organically been grown as nature intended it to be which guarantees you will be pleased with the taste according to the Batani philosophy, for which we say “what we give our children we also give to our customers”.

Inside the Hotel Aurelia there is also a Spa: what can our readers expect?

“Dolce Vita” is a relaxation corner where you can enjoy rejuvenating moments provided by the well-trained experts from our staff. Our customers can try every kind of treatment available to them, taking advantage of the pool, whirlpools, Turkish baths and personalized treatments targeted to their needs.

Costumers love your Hotels for many reasons: the courtesy of the staff, the excellent overall quality, the kitchen, the pool and the sea connected by a flowered path. What is the motivation behind that?

We are more than being part of a hotel chain, we feel we are part of the Batani Family, the guideline of our philosophy is hospitality, a source of passion and energy that we exhibit to each of our guests.

At Hotel Aurelia you have various types of rooms, a villa and suites.

The Villa Emilia has few and reserved rooms, nice attics, de luxe and junior suites. In the hotel, almost all the rooms, spread over five floors, are classicly designed, deluxe and larger suites for families to enjoy undisturbed sea view.

Why should Milano Marittima be on the “to do” holiday list?

Because it has a beauty that is reminiscent of the decadences of the wonderful time period in the ‘50s – but continues to fascinate guests even today, and that amalgamates the experience of the past with the freshness of today’s new trends.


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