My Music, My Story–Courtney Benjamin Big Man Entertainment Shares His Art

If you had to identify me by my music playlist, I am not sure you would be able to recognize me at some point. My music can go from one extreme to the other based on my mood, what I’m doing, and what inspiration I need at the exact moment.

Music is one of the most universal tools that can stir up all sorts of emotions in anyone on earth. If you don’t believe me, check out all your favorite movies, or favorite television show; down to the cartoons you grew up with. Music is the universal language that connects us all.

So if you think you can just throw a playlist on for your wedding and that will satisfy the crowd… well I simply don’t know what to say. Well maybe watch the crowd leave early, or the food and booze better be good enough to keep them there after the ceremony.

We met with the music curator, producer, DJ, artists, and founder of Big Man Entertainment LLC, Courtney Benjamin. He has a list of qualified DJ’s that do more than play music, they evoke all sorts of emotions with their skills–move the crowd and set the mood that will cheer up a room for the right occasion–since we are talking about weddings, they have been known to move a crowd on the dance floor and keep them on the dance floor.

Big Man Entertainment LLC. has played a variety of events ranging from weddings, sporting events including corporate events. So with that sort of diverse experience, I am sure they can put something together for your upcoming soirees.

Click below and hear what brought him into the music industry and why he is so passionate about it and one of the most in-demand artists.

When you reach out to him tell him World Bride Magazine sent you– you won’t be disappointed.

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