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Financial burden has crippled so many people across the world. This global epidemic has hurt the very fabric of this very country in grave detail, far beyond our understanding. However, although the economy is turning around ever so slowly, we the people still have bills and unforeseen expenses that must be met.  How can we get ahead? How can we pull ourselves away from the mundane task of working and not being able to live our lives with the focus on our Families, Being of service to others and Love- Loving one another.  
With so many over night millionaires and billionaires popping up.  One must ask how are they doing it? Can I build some amazing app, so some major company like Google will come and purchase it. Oh! but first I must take a course to teach me to code and all that technical stuff. 
Financial independence comes from making a decision to first change your current situation, then to take actions to correct the behavior. Financial literacy begins with reading to enhance knowledge. Then understanding your own finances is super important. Know where your money goes and your spending patterns, Do Not live above your means- which is the key. Avoid Consumerism at all cost. It is hard but it will pay off.
Black Hedge Fund Group founder Philip Greene, like so many others educates those who seek financial knowledge. The information provides some Do’s and Don’ts of leading a better life — not crippled by lack of money. Teaching people that independence can occur on any salary as long as there is a thirst for knowledge and action to follow through with the plan.
His Facebook page alone gives money tip and tricks from the newest financial mind to those who have greater literacy. He advises on everything from checking accounts to international markets. I recently, had the opportunity to speak with him and congratulate him on taking actions to empower anyone who wishes to achieve financial freedom. He was humbled at this acknowledgement.
According to the, Black Hedge Fund Group Guide to Having More Money In Your Wallet:
First invest.
Open an investing account at an online brokerage
Open a Roth IRA
Open a 401K
Never buy retail
Use cash rather than credit
Develop a savings budget
Save more than you spend
Invest in a index mutual fund making at least 10% per year
Budget.. Know where your money goes
Create a strategy
Reinvest your dividends with a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)
Read.. Read.. Read.. Read Wall Street Journal, New York Times DealBook, The Financial Times, Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg Markets Magazine.
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