A little about ASIAN TEA CULTURE

Asian Teapot warmer 4 oriental cupsA little about ASIAN TEA CULTURE

Tea culture is very important in the Asian community.

Tea Culture varies in each country by the way people connect with tea, by the way tea is grown and the way it is brewed.  Tea culture is also influenced by art, music and history.  In the Asian community, tea is very important.  Tea is consumed at social events, like weddings. The tea ceremony is rooted in the Chinese culture.  Tea has truly been a great way for people to communicate no matter what culture.

When it comes to Chinese Weddings, the parents were the match makers or they hired match makers to go to the homes to seek a proposal from the family.

DID YOU KNOW:  there are six steps in the engagement process:

  1. Marriage proposal?
  2. Asking for names?
  3. Praying for good fortune
  4. Sending Betrothal gifts – when couple decides to get married, grooms family sends gifts to the bride’s family.
  5. Sending invitations
  6. Welcoming the bride

DID YOU KNOW:  a fortune teller is hired to ensure the couple is compatible before they are engaged!

DID YOU KNOW: an Almanac is used to find an auspicious (promising success) day to get married.

DID YOU KNOW: at Chinese weddings most bride wear’s 3 dresses!

  1. Wedding Tea Ceremony – simple and appropriate
  2. Dress for Wedding Ceremony – One white – Western style gown and veil, or
  3. Wedding Reception – a traditional long red (qipao) gown

Enjoy the Wedding and the Tea Experience!


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