How to Stay Calm While Planning Your Wedding!

Dried tea leaves --- Image by © TongRo Images/Corbis
Dried tea leaves --- Image by © TongRo Images/Corbis
Dried tea leaves — Image by © TongRo Images/Corbis


How wonderful is it to hear your friend say “I’M GETTING MARRIED”? Those words are exciting. This is a time that family and friends come together to plan a once in a lifetime celebration that should last forever. Though this is a happy time, it’s also a time when family and friends get very anxious, frustrated and stressed with all the planning that goes into creating a fabulous, unforgettable wedding. HERE ARE SOME TIPS ON STAYING CALM!

TIP 1: Before sitting down to plan the next steps for your wedding, always start with a great cup of tea to help relax your mind, body and spirit. Tea time helps you to de-stress; now you can focus on the wedding plans.

Here are a few delicious teas you can enjoy:

CHAMOMILE TEA is great for relieving anxiety and stress. If needed, add a bit of honey.

SWEET HONEYBUSH, a wonderful red tea called Rooibos, from South Africa; it’s naturally no caffeine so you can sip on it ALL DAY LONG!!!

TIP2: PAMPER YOURSELF – Open your china cabinet and select your favorite teacup, you will look and feel pretty drinking out your favorite cup.

TIP3: TAKE A DEEP BREATHE – Enjoy the aroma of the tea; now sip your way into a few minutes of relaxation before getting started with the wedding plans.


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