20 Reasons Why You Might Want To Consider A Winter Wedding 

When I think of winter I think of soft snow flakes slowly carpeting the grass, cozy fireplaces, incredible succulent comfort food, elegant loungewear and, of course, my all-time favorite glass of XO Hennessy poured into either a Saint Louis, Versace, Baccarat or Waterford goblet, snuggled with the love of my life.

Since we are coming upon winter, I began to ponder the idea of a winter wedding and what would be the benefit of having a wedding in the winter and all the potential possibilities. Of course, seven pages later, I had to corral these visions and get really serious, ergo this article. Enjoy!

  1. Winter is an off season, venues sales are down, and you can negotiate pricing for the actual venues and hotel rooms in cold areas that experience snow and may not have a big skiing business.
  2. The uniqueness of having a winter “wonderland” wedding as your décor with the pristine backdrop of snow covered mountains or vistas, tall evergreens and phots with the most incredible deer in the background.
  3. Identifying a coordinator/planner is much easier, as is their pricing, and shopping is less stressful when not in peak season.
  4. The romance of the holidays with both families from Christmas to Chanukah, New Year’s or Valentine’s Day.
  5. The dresses could be in velvet or the finest silks or satins. Perhaps the wrap would be a wonderful fur or faux fur to drape.
  6. You won’t be in competition with other friend’s weddings, vacation time, graduations, and of course the typical summer distractions.
  7. You can have the better of two seasons – get married in the snow and fly to the tropics.
  8. Coordinate your décor with the decorator and the venues winter decorations.
  9. Beautiful color palette, textures and fabric options: from silver and white with crystal accents, white velvet, and white satin ribbon, crystal curtains to hanging strands of elegant white phalaenopsis orchids, all glitter and rich gold/silver/bronze tones.
  10. Winter flowers from red roses, calla lilies, and amaryllis and an array of winter blooms – from white hydrangeas and soft ranunculuses.
  11. Of course, what would be the attire? You might consider either Black Tie Formal.
  12. Invitations for formal weddings would be on a heavy stock with hand calligraphy with liners for your envelopes.
  13. Centerpieces filled with everything crystal, ice and elegant with extraordinary lighting everywhere with the most exquisite linens and napkins.
  14. Somewhere would be a baby grand piano and incredible pianist.
  15. The extraordinary hot chocolate bar or brandy stations hot toddies either cider or whiskey-based drinks to warm your soul.
  16. You might want to arrive or depart in a sleigh or use the sleigh as part of the theme.
  17. The cake would be filled with nutmeg and cinnamon with the most outrageous appointments and fillings that echo the winter theme – perhaps beautiful berries draping the sides.
  18. The favors are an assortment of small bottles of brandy and delightful cans of coco.
  19. The meal is hearty fresh garden winter vegetables and succulent regional meats or fish or fowl.
  20. Your gift could be either gloves, scarves, hats or small winter saplings or handmade throws.
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