The Bridal Showroom of Diala Abu Issa



​Past the seas of sand in the eastern corner of the Arabian peninsula arises the majestic city of Dubai. Like a shining jewel placed perfectly by a master hand, Dubai is considered “The Heartbeat of the new Arabian Dream”. Embracing a multicultural melting pot, Dubai reflects the modern face of any cosmopolitan city of the world. This “City of Dreams” lacks no measures to show off her undeniable luxurious and blatantly envied ​cloak of wealth as it dominates being a coveted shopping destination for tourists from around the world. Diala Abu Issa and her husband flourished with their retail business under the rush of the economic development and growth in Dubai and, with a keen eye on tourists shopping demands and trends, began to exclusively service the Arabian bride of today.

Overlooking the Jumeirah Park residential and business centers, Diala Abu Issa has created a divine bridal suite which she has named “The Bridal Showroom“. Shopping at “The Bridal Showroom” is an exquisite bridal experience, which upon entering its doors, is second to none. Diala is an expert of Muslim traditions and has intertwined them professionally with a modern day brides’ wishlist, which often includes western influences. She walks this delicate tightrope with enlightenment, wisdom and discernment. Assisting her husband by transforming their retail storage location into a luxurious bridal suite was the successful business direction the young couple took together. Splitting “The Bridal Showroom” business operational responsibilities between themselves, Diala enjoys every aspect of being her own boss in an ever-growing industry that is dedicated to love and commitment. Even as a young mother of two and recent bride herself, she loves to travel several times a year to the fashion capitals of the world and shop in the most beautiful designer showrooms for her brides.


Born and raised Doha, Qatar, Diala reflects a sovereign Arabic business woman. She lays high value in training her staff of 7 international bridal consultants personally. Her high standards and expectations are upheld with daily bridal diaries from each consultant. These diaries safeguard all wishes, dreams, directions, worries and concerns that the bride may disclose in her pre-consultation. Diala is then able to use these diary data entries to make a trending analysis, which she then uses to focus on her dress selections for the upcoming wedding season. As she prepares for 2016, she already has top designers in New York City, Barcelona, London, and for the first time, she is including Milan in her dress shopping itinerary. As Diala fills her bridal dress cache, she is mindful of Dubai’s pulsating city center, which traffics a global tourism wave through “The Bridal Showroom” doors and brings along all types of cultural challenges. Diala and her consultant team satisfy brides from from Russia, Africa and Europe every weekend whilst keeping the 300 sq ft. showroom private and serene.

The Bridal Showroom stays true to its Arabian roots despite the constant development of new designs being presented almost daily somewhere in the world. As for Daila Abu Issa, she feels personally blessed and honored to be a part of a day that has an universal mission that involves such religious, traditional and cultural global diversity on so many levels.


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