CanVis Events: Edible Wedding Favors


By: Megan Jander

There are many different types of special gifts to give guests for celebrating your wedding with you and your spouse. We have checked a few, and here we have a suggestion that will not only leave a lasting impression of your wedding, but also make your guests crave for more.

CanVis Events is a business that specializes in edible wedding favors, including custom sweets, gourmet cake pops, chocolate-covered Oreos, candies and desserts. I had the opportunity to interview CanVis Events’ owner, Shauna Bernard, and I was immediately inspired by her upbeat attitude and charming personality. She believes in offering endless creativity to make your event special. “I create everything under the umbrella” she says with a laugh. Shauna drew her inspiration from her creative roots and her desire to do something different from what others have done. CanVis Events has been a successful business for four years, thanks to Shauna’s passion and love for her company’s image and work.

Shauna is a firm believer that her products should not only look beautiful, but taste amazing. The most popular products are her cake pops, especially the Vanilla Cake Pops and Coocoo for Cookies N’ Cream Cake Pops. Her cake pops come in three sizes: mini, standard, and mega. On average, mini cake pops cost $1 each, standards are $3, and mega cake pops are $7. Not bad!

CanVis Events ships all over the country and Shauna gives extra care for the more fragile products. For instance, if it has flowers or sugar crystal pieces the items will be packed and shipped differently to ensure the safety and structure of the products.

When asked about any tips or suggestions for our brides, she said, “Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box and do something different. There is nothing wrong with being unique. Smile and be the best you can be!” Couldn’t have said it better myself!

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