Asia Inspiration: Chinese Lanterns

Fotógrafo Erick Pozos


A colored, shining idea for your wedding? Chinese lanterns.
In many Asian wedding ceremonies, launching chinese lanterns is a typical tradition. The Chinese red lanterns are beautiful with the flame inside creating a beautiful glow inside the red. The very sense of floating so elegantly in the air gives the guests a sense of freedom and beauty. But it’s much more than that.
It’s the symbol of good luck and prosperity. The flame protected by the lantern represents the hope of a prosperous future the perfect symbolism for your special day. Traditionally, prior to launching the lanterns family and guests can write their prayers, wishes, and or anything they want to reach the sky.
The creation of paper lanterns started in China in 230 BC. There are many stories about their creation, the most famous is from the Emperor Ming who after a dream sent a scholar to India to get Hindu scriptures. Upon his return, the Emperor ordered a temple to be built for the scriptures with red lanterns inside to symbolize Buddha’s power.
The monks used lanterns on the twelfth day of the first lunar month in their worship of Buddha and later, their use became common, with a special festival that takes place every year. In the lantern festivals, people let lanterns fly to the sky to honor the first full moon of the year.

Fotógrafo Erick Pozos
Lanterns come in different colors and materials. This wonderful tradition also includes using the lanterns as ornaments or lighting, they are great decorations and the light they make is spectacular. You can use them in the wedding reception, your guests will be enchanted! The classical lantern is red, decorated with golden tassels, they can be made with paper, bamboo, wood, wheat –straw and metal.
Since the paper lanterns symbolize light, joy, life, they are a perfect way to start your wedding life,. So why don’t add a touch of asian tradition in your special day?

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