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We live in a super-technological world, with our lives intertwined with our smartphones and at a moments notice we can send information around the world with our social media apps. So, how can we make our weddings more interactive? is the first online multi-store gift registry in the UAE, active since 2012. A totally free service in which brides and grooms can choose their perfect gift for their weddings with 24-hour access.

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The woman behind this great and innovative idea is Julie Leblan. When she arrived in Dubai she was six-months pregnant and her family and friends wanted to send her baby shower gifts, but they didn’t know how, especially because the price of shipping. Wanting to stay in contact with her support system, Julie came up with a creative idea for an online store specifically for weddings and baby shower gifts, without the high shipping fees! Within three years had become a leader in the market with 75 strategic partner stores and travel agencies.

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                                  MyList Partner: Blanc D’Ivoire – Dubai


Julie made the website easy to access and use, customers simply complete the no charge online registration and begin perusing more than 2000 items of the catalogue. Once that has been completed, the customers need only to send their family and friends an email link. Easy! You and your guests can use the website anytime, you can modify your list, adding or changing gifts if you need to for instance your baby shower needs gifts from boy to girl.

mylist-tanagra-christofle-croco-argent-picture-frameMyList Tanagra Christofle Croco Argent Picture FrameMyLIst-Tanagra-Versace-gala etagere 3 tiersMyList Tanagra Versace Galaetagere 3 Tiers

You can find an assortment of more than 2000 products and over 220 brands divided in an assortment of luxury categories: from Home decor, Electronics, Fashion and Jewelry, Leisure and Travel, Gourmet Gifts, Spa and Beauty and many more. Clients need not feel pressured, they have 2 years to spend their account balance. And if you have questions, you will always find somebody ready to help you with your list, giving you advice by email, phone or schedule an appointment!

MyList-partner-The-Urban-YogiMyList Partner: The Urban Yogi clients are from all around the world: UAE population, 45% of Westerners, 30% Middle Eastern and 20% Asian. You will be surprised how many items you can find in a very easy way! No more stress or worries about your special wedding gifts, thanks to



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