What’s New in Beauty: Products To Look For

Finding the right makeup often entails a great deal of trial and error – as certain products may work beautifully on one person while posing challenges on another. After working with a new batch of makeup on various photo shoots this past week, three products in particular deserve recognition:


1) Frankie Rose Cosmetics: Prime Addiction Face Primer finding a great primer can be a daunting task in itself – this primer however is compatible with women of all skin tones due to its lack of colorants. It comes as a thick clear gel encased within a sleek 1.05oz pot and applies seamlessly to the skin. Absorbing within minutes, it minimizes the appearance of pores and leaves the skin in a more even state with a pleasant silky-smooth finish. In addition to providing a strong base that successfully extends the wear time of the makeup applied after, its versatility in use on all skin tones makes it a great primer for a vast array of users.


2) Elcie Cosmetics: Micro Silque Foundationthis foundation not only provides full HD coverage, but also contains anti-aging cosmeceutical properties derived from green tea extract, white tea extract, and vitamin E. Elcie foundation delivers medium to full coverage and long wear – working best for those women looking to have a more dramatic look with a matte finish. I have found that end results are ideal when 2-3 pumps of the product is applied via a beauty blender/cosmetic sponge – as this method not only evenly distributes the foundation, but also removes areas of excess product. When selecting your correct foundation shade note that the product dries on the skin approximately one shade darker than in its liquid state – this may lead consumers to purchase the product one shade lighter than their skin tone.


3) PÜR Cosmetics: Double Ego Dual Ended Eye LinerThis product is great not only due to its 2-in-1 pencil and liquid eyeliner utility, but also because it provides superior control in regard to application. Applying liquid eyeliner effectively and correctly is oftentimes a main concern of women – PÜR Cosmetics addresses this common challenge by equipping their product with a liquid liner brush head allowing for virtually as much control as a ultra-fine felt tip marker. The product has a somewhat limited usage life, but is well worth it for women seeking to create the perfect cat eye. It is important to be aware that this product is not waterproof, and therefore should be used in conjunction with a waterproof liquid liner applied to the water line.


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