METROJOJO: From Your Point of View
“I wished it was easier to find a wedding photographer. ‘So, I had the answer: Metrojojo!’”
That’s the idea that led Jacob to create Metrojojo, the first wedding photography marketplace. Jacob explains: “One important concept I learned during my years as a photographer, is the Stop Sign, which means anything that stops a prospective client from moving forward. In wedding photography the Stop Signs are easy; as an example, confusing lingo, opaque pricing, and mismanaged risk. Some of this is perpetuated by social media experts telling brides they should ask very technical questions about a photographer’s equipment, or opaque pricing-the idea that talent is worth so much that it’s worth pricing out of the market because no one knows what the price should be anyway. Finally, mismanaged risk happens when parties try to manage the risk of cancellations, no shows or non-payment themselves. It is very difficult to manage risks when it is a single transaction between two parties, so many couples end up using someone who is a friend to manage the risk. All of these Stop Signs are addressed by Metrojojo, easy navigation and search, up-front pricing and packages to compare the value provided by each, and effective managed risk.”


Photo by: Giorgios Elianos

Metrojojo’s mission is to make finding and booking the right wedding photographer easy. The team pre-screens photographers, lists bookable packages and pricing upfront, to hire only the best photographers anywhere in the world. Their policy to provide professionalism makes Metrojojo loved by both photographers and couples. One of the benefits of being invited to participate is when a photographer can’t pay Metrojojo to list them, and as Jacob says, “We don’t do pay for play, we do be incredible for play.” This makes Metrojojo a trusted marketplace worldwide, with clients and photographers in the US, Canada, the UK, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Romania, Brazil, France, and more.

Couples can find the perfect photographer using Metrojojo by following these steps:
Step 1- Create a free account and start viewing photographers. You can use natural search for a particular style, location, a particular category, or a budget category.
Step 2– Message the ones you like. See if they are available for your wedding date and if they are able to talk either in person or over the phone so you can determine if your personalities mesh well.
Step 3– Book them. When you and your photographer come to an agreement on the date and package, complete the transaction on Metrojojo, then you can take advantage of being protected by the site’s refund and cancellation policy, no-show policy, and more.

And if you want to know more about a package, below are examples of real packages from the site:
Jaymi Britten – Five hours of coverage. Second shooter included. Private online proofing gallery delivered within four to eight weeks. High resolution digital files available for instant download and a DVD/USB with print release of images. 20 images retouched with 5×7 prints.
Bri Costello – Eight hours of coverage. 700-800 digital photographs delivered. Online proofing gallery delivered within six to eight weeks. Second shooter included. Two pre-wedding portrait sessions included.
Frances Beatty – Ten hours of coverage. Online photo gallery. Second photographer included. Engagement session, a couple’s album, USB of high resolution images and a proofing gallery delivered within six to eight weeks.
David Loi – Ten hours of coverage, a 30 page Italian handcrafted heirloom album with sleeve. Two photographers to cover your event, and a bridal and engagement session. Digital negatives delivered for additional prints and a gallery to share with family and friends. Proofs available within 12 weeks.
William Bichara – A selection designed for our South Asian and Indian couples. Offers a personal photo session (choice of engagement, bridal, boudoir or day-after); multiday coverage of pre-wedding events, ceremony and final reception; additional shooters are provided as needed. Final full resolution digital images is provided within one month, and our gift to you is an upgraded luxury wedding art book designed to artfully narrate the moments of your wedding.

Let’s take a look!

METROJOJO: From a Photographer’s Point of View

Metrojojo looks for excellent ratings, technical mastery of the medium, and consistency in both style and execution. The team knows how much the Internet plays a key role in this century, and they use it to hire the best photographers in the world and make your research easier. Do you need other reasons to click on their website? No problem, WBM interviewed some of the photographers who work for Metrojojo and this is what they told us:

Jaymi Britten: Metrojojo connects people directly to professional wedding photographers without them having to filter through a mix of hundreds of amateur/pro photographers on multiple websites. It makes it a lot more convenient for people to search for local photographers in their area, receive instant details including rates on photo packages, so clients can make fast decisions at the click of their fingertips! To me, this is like the Airbnb for wedding photographers; precisely why it’s a revolution for the industry.

Jaymi Britten
Photo By: Jaymie Britten

Bri Costello: Metrojojo is cutting edge. The technology is here to put amazing photographers in front of thousands of brides daily. The folks listed on Metrojojo are some of the most talented and artistic professionals from around the world. This is specifically true for brides, but as a photographer, knowing that there is an innovative, forward-thinking company out there working for you around the clock and globe, even when you are asleep, on a plane, or at a movie is truly game-changing.

Bri Costello
Photo by: Bri Costello

Frances Beatty: The Internet has definitely been a game changer for business. Websites and social media help your visibility, but you tend to get lost in a sea of options. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming for clients. Metrojojo helps by being a one-stop-shop for wedding photographers. By creating a simple and easy to use marketplace of photographers, it makes it easier for the clients to compare packages and portfolios of photographers they’re interested in. It’s incredibly easy to navigate.

Frances Beatty
Photo by: Frances Beatty

Ciprian Biclineru: I work most of the time in Germany and Romania, but I have photographed destination weddings in Italy, Switzerland, England and France. Of course there is a lot of extra work to photograph this kind of wedding, first of all the extra time involved, the preparation for travel, etc. If a client books me for a destination wedding I usually arrive at least a day earlier to scout the location prior to the wedding. Otherwise it’s the same thing as a local wedding for me. The nice part is that I get to photograph new and quite often amazing locations I would otherwise just have to visit on my own. I must admit that I would gladly do just that: travel and photograph!

Ciprian Biclineru
Photo by: Ciprian Biclineru

Mihael Varga: For me, finding clients in the beginning was quite difficult. I was using a lot of different marketing channels. Though, over time my portfolio became widely recognized. Nevertheless, I still find it difficult finding new clients out of my geographical area using the traditional channels. Metrojojo makes my portfolio visible to potential clients who know what they want and are looking for quality work.

Mihael Varga
Photo by : Mihael Varga

William Bichara: I do not think they need to choose the perfect photographer but they should find the right photographer. The right photographer would be based on style and chemistry more than anything. Prices and packages can be negotiated or customized, but to me the couple needs to feel something about the style of the photographer. I don’t think the style can be mended or negotiated. They also need to have a certain minimum match in personality so that everyone feels good about the session or about the photographer being there, around them all the time; on their wedding day. If the couple can’t stand the photographer but they have won every photography award ever, I do not see the point of him/her being hired.

William Bichara
Photo by: William Bichara

David Loi: Make sure you click with your photographer! If you’re not getting along, and things aren’t smooth, there’s a problem. You want to trust your photographer and the photographer needs to trust you, and without that “click” there can be problems. Ask lots of questions, no matter how small you think it might be. Be sure you’re both on the same page and things will flow well on your special day!

Photo by: David Loi

Giorgos Elianos: Before I start shooting I talk with the couples to make them comfortable. Nothing specific really, just small talk about their wedding day. Then I start shooting and I try to be invisible as much as I can. I don’t talk to them – and if I do it’s to guide them when I take some portraits. I just capture their day. During the ceremony I try to not be close to them so it is possible for them to feel free that they are alone during that special moment. After the ceremony I start the portrait photoshoot of the couple and change up the location. It’s time to have fun. I enjoy taking their portrait when they are relaxed and enjoying it as well. I finish capturing these beautiful moments of happiness at the reception, when they are dancing with friends and family.

Giorgos Elianos
Photo by: Giorgos Elianos

Jacob Fakheri: There is a really solid mix of different deliveries on the site. Some photographers do strictly digital, some do prints and digital, or albums and prints and digital copies. What each photographer offers specifically will always be in their package details when you view their pricing. When it comes to delivery though, I think the most unique one I have seen that is stated on the site is Jamie Zenteno out of Galveston. She schedules an appointment, and brings cake to the session as you go through all the images with her. My personal favorite is Paolo Ceritano. He delivers USB sticks in wooden boxes as a keepsake memento. By and large the individual photographers may do different deliveries as requested by their clients. That’s what I love about the photographers on the site: they really work to keep their clients happy being as hands-on, or as hands-off, as a client wants.

Photo by: Jacob Fakheri

Metrojojo: the easiest and more professional way to make your wedding pictures spectacular!

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