Tips On Keeping A Healthy And Realistic Routine

Steven Wilson Celebrity Trainer

Steven Wilson Celebrity Trainer

Our self-discipline is limited, that is the reason that so many diets, and new year’s resolution fail. Are you wondering how can you become and stay healthy and fit then? The answer: make it a routine, as our lives are fundamentally run by habits.

Steven Wilson, celebrity trainer is sharing his rituals, that become automatic, therefore replacing and overcoming the old, “bad habits”. Let see how these you can build them in your day:

1. Sleep min. 7-8 hours! Without sufficient recovery, your energy will be low during the day, which leads to bad habits in eating, insufficient stress management and in general, less happy life.

2. Start your day with breakfast! It will stop you from eating everything later on and gives you the energy you need for the day. It also kick start your metabolism.

3. Walk or bike to work, if you can. You need to make 10.000 steps / day to offset the calorie intake in case you have an office job. Get a pedometer, or download an app to your smartphone that reminds you to reach the daily goal.

4. Use the stairs. It does not only burns twice as many calories as walking, but sometimes also quicker than waiting for the elevator. Nice way to add up to your daily steps.

5. 40-40-20 Lunch: Never skip lunch, you should space your meals 3-4 hours apart. Eat until satisfied, not stuffed. The combination of numbers stand for the right fuel on your plate: 40% grains, 40% fruits/vegetables, 20% protein-rich foods.

6. Water, water, water! You need to drink minimum 2 liters per day, so keep a bottle with you at all time. There are even smart bottles connected to your phone to remind you to drink, if you tend to forget. Alcohol and caffeine are diuretic, so drink extra water then.

7. Have a break in every 90 minutes! Stand up, stretch yourself, breathe fresh air (1 inhale and 2x longer exhale) to expand your physical capacity, and no to feel overwhelmed. You can eat low glycemic snacks between your meals (100-150 calorie value: almonds, apple, yogurt, etc).

8. Integrate sports into your daily schedule: either inside (gym, or at home with online fitness videos/ DVDs) or outside, you can find the way to move no matter how busy you are. You need to combine 3 types of exercises:

– Cardio (min. 3 times per week): running, treadmill, aerobics
– Resistance (min. 2 times per week): free weights, gym machines, body weight
– Flexibility (every day 5-10 minutes): stretch, holding positions for 10-30 seconds

9. Eat light for dinner! Schedule your last meal should min. 2-3 hours before your bedtime. No coffee within 6 hours of going to bed, no alcohol within 3 hours of going to bed.

10. Use your mental energy to succeed! Focus on what matters, and visualize success: Set aside every day some time, to connect with the present. Visualize success, explore the barriers that you might face. You have the power in you to convert weakness into strength!

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