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VeraVia Wellness Camp

VeraVia Wellness Camp


VeraVia | Carlsbad, California, USA

Mind, body, and spirit. These qualities are the trinity of living a good life. The non-stop rush that living in the 21st century imposes on us makes finding a balance between these three areas more difficult than ever. That lack of balance manifests through our mental and physical health, as well as our sense of happiness and fulfillment. It’s not easy to observe without trying, but even as we find success in our careers or relationships, the cost of achieving that success can come at the detriment of our minds, bodies, and spirits. We will forgo sleep and exercise to meet work deadlines, or slip past compromise and into servitude to please our partners. We enjoy the high of success in one area of life and then careen down a slope of remorse when we see the trade-offs it took to achieve. VeraVia is looking to change that.


VeraVia looks to help you balance your life on four pillars of health: Fitness, Nutrition, Medical, and Medical. With their team of industry experts, they are uniquely qualified to provide you a life-changing experience unlike any fitness camp I’ve ever been to. The expectation for excellence is established from your first interaction with the program’s co-founder, Melissa Wyatt, upon booking. You will know, immediately, that you are in good hands. There is no sales pitch to be made, because Melissa is not selling you anything—she’s inviting you on a journey, one she has travelled herself. VeraVia is her brainchild and baby, one she created to bring herself into four pillars of health, and it’s evident through the passion, care, and expertise she brings to your booking consultation. No detail is skipped – dietary, medical, interests, or otherwise – as she works to bring you a boutique luxury experience that you won’t soon forget.


VeraVia’s campus is located in the hills of Carlsbad at the sprawling and luxurious Park Hyatt Aviara Resort, a short 40-minute drive from San Diego International Airport. A pre-arranged chauffeur will greet you at baggage claim and whisk you off to the front door of the Park Hyatt, where the Adrienne, the Client Coordinator will greet you and introduce you to the VeraVia lifestyle.

You instantly get the feeling that you’re being welcomed into a small family instead of an institution. Unlike most wellness camps that I’ve been to, VeraVia keeps the number of guests it hosts at one time miniscule. This is to provide you with unfettered access to staff that can, in turn, provide very personalized attention. Each moment of your stay, you are in the company of a program coordinator that makes sure every second of you stay is beyond reproach.


Your days at VeraVia are structured so that you are anchoring all-four health pillars into your foundation of wellness. The schedule is set up so that guests can work on their inside and outside without compromise.



There is never a dull or repetitive moment delivered from the fitness team at VeraVia. Physical activity is a huge component of the VeraVia experience, and they have done a masterful job at making sure you will never be bored or uncomfortable. Activities range from hiking and boxing, to tennis and yoga. Since VeraVia only hosts small groups of 4 to 6 guests at a time, everyone gets the personal attention that they need from the instructors. Matters of intensity, ability, and endurance are never left to chance, as the fitness instructors make sure that every guest, of any fitness level, is able to participate in each activity.



VeraVia really shines in this aspect. Nothing has undermined my road to health quite like nutrition has. Knowing what to eat, when it eat, and how much to eat is a wild maze for most people—especially if they’re trying to lose weight. There is no group meal here. Each guest has a personalized meal plan during their stay, which aims to fulfill their health goals. The meals that come out of the kitchen are breathtaking in appearance, absolutely delicious, and most importantly, healthy. During your stay, you will work with chef and nutritionist, Cat Dillon, to craft an at-home meal strategy that continues on the path set by the culinary team.



You’ll never want to see a different doctor again after experiencing Dr. Derek. Every ailment you have is his priority, and you will work together to establish a plan to address your health concerns as naturally and organically as possible. Your program includes a head-to-toe physical, complete with blood labs, body composition scans, and physical endurance tests. With the results, you and Dr. Derek will discuss the areas that present a challenge to you achieving optimal health.



Meditation and therapy are the unexpected components of wellness that I never knew I needed so much! Changing the inside is key to maintaining the outside. Dr. Megan Lewis is there to help guide you down a path of mental fitness through cognitive behavioral therapy sessions. This is your chance to organize, prioritize, and de-clutter your emotional baggage, and set yourself up for a life that is productive and fulfilling. While at VeraVia, you will also be introduced to religiously neuter ways to center yourself – primarily mindfulness meditation.



Your VeraVia experience does not stop when you leave either. Your package includes follow-up virtual sessions with your fitness, nutrition, medical, and wellness experts—as well as access to an alumni portal. The portal offers a variety of resources to use when you get back home, such as recipes from the program and recorded meditation sessions to help you continue on your journey to mindfulness.


There is no health and wellness retreat that I could more emphatically recommend to anyone looking to improve their overall health and wellness than VeraVia. They have mastered what it means to provide luxury, quality, and lasting results in a market that is saturated with programs that offer quick-fixes and cattle-herding-like experiences. It’s time to get up and change your life.


Enjoy this quick recipe by VeraVia chef & nutritionist, Cat Dillon!


7100 Aviara Resort Drive

Carlsbad, CA 92011, USA




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