Give an Awesome Gift- Memories

In a society obsessed with out-doing each other , what do you give someone who has everything? Memories.
As we quickly approach one of the most romantic days of the year, many will consider ‘popping the question’ to their partner. But what can one do to make this moment as memorable as possible?
In the age of social media, sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest all find their platforms being driven by images—so we believe that creating a visual memory just may be the way to go. After all, it is said that a memory is worth a thousand words, and photographs are a great way to introduce new conversations and intimate moments.
All those things being considered, when I received the email about AwesomeBox, I was excited! The process for ordering an AwesomeBox was not only simple, it was fun. The task of going through days, weeks, and years of memories, which you will curate and present to your beloved partner, says “this is how important you and the moments we created together are to me.”
AwesomeBox allows you the opportunity to curate a wonderful portfolio of images, then practice your poetry by putting words together which are captioned on the back of each image.
I had a wonderful time creating this for my children. Going through the pictures kept me up all night, laughing and reminiscing on the special moments we have been so fortunate to share with one another.
While I think that curating a box for your marriage proposal is a great idea, AwesomeBox is not limited to this one purpose. It would also be a great gift from bridesmaids and groomsmen to each member of the couple. I can’t imagine there being a dry eye in the room after exchanging such a heartfelt gift.
Visit, and tell them that WBM sent you. You may get a nice surprise, who knows!
About AwesomeBox and Its Founders:
Full names, Occupations/title
  • Tony Deifell, CEO & co-founder.
  • Dana Underwood, Chief Product Officer & co-founder.
What inspired the product?
Dana Underwood and I are storytellers, and we both worked as professional photographers. And we believe in the power of community. So, we built a platform that enables communities to tell stories to celebrate someone they love. It’s so touching and meaningful, that it makes people cry. We love helping build the emotional connections between people.

We were inspired by the thoughtfulness and meaning that can be put into a gift, if you take all the drudgery out. If you eliminate the logistics, the guessing work of what people want, the effort to procure and then send a gift, then you can focus on the most important thing — the meaning, making and thoughtfulness.

What makes it so special/different?
AwesomeBox is different because we enable a user to collaborate with groups (from three to one thousand people) to co-create a beautiful product.
Although many gift box/subscription commerce exists, AwesomeBox is different because (1) we use “mass customization” to make our product entirely personalized and 100% custom printed at economy-of-scale costs and (2) our customers value our collaboration platform as a service as much as they value the resulting physical product. We built a platform to easily bring people together to co-author products.
In other words, you can do this by going to Shutterfly, Mint, Blurb, American Greetings or anywhere else.
For someone that is not tech savvy how easy is this?
We’ve designed AwesomeBox to work for every generation. When someone is having a 50th birthday, AwesomeBox needs to be cool enough for their 16-year-old daughter to use it and easy enough for their 75-year-old parent.
What are the costs involved?
    • 10 Cards $19
    • 25 Cards $49
    • 50 Cards $79
    • 75 Cards $99
    • 100 Cards $119
+ shipping. (cost depends on shipping method chosen)
How long is shipping?
Hosts can choose low cost shipping methods (USPS) that takes 3-5 days or pay more for overnight FedEx.
Dana gave her boyfriend, Jason, an AwesomeBox to celebrate their anniversary. Jason loved his gift, but Dana was also pretty vocal about the fact that she loved GIVING it.
The proposal that captured my heart: