Getting Creative With Chaya Bromberg

Planning your wedding in this day and age will prove to be a challenge for countless of reasons. We are still dealing with a pandemic, the ever changing rules of COVID rules vary from state-to-state, country-to-country. So it has become increasingly important that we hire the right professional that can help you navigate your way through your special day.

No matter your cultural background, the beauty of this industry is that you will find someone to help you celebrate your wedding while incorporating some element of your culture and heritage. We are excited to have the opportunity to speak with one of the Jewish communities brightest star, Chaya Bromberg.

Chaya Bromberg, a creative that stands tall in her confidence, and proud of her culture. She is bold about her conviction and is not afraid of sharing her gifts. Those attributes was what I deemed great and makes her so approachable no matter your race, faith and background. Not only is she a beautiful woman, her warm spirit is contagious and her creativity matches her visuals.

I had the pleasure of having a chat with her regarding her work and her desire share some wonderful tips about her work from her Jewish community. I was most grateful she allowed me to inquire about countless of topics that have sparked my interest.

Chaya’s skills don’t stop at just designing weddings, parties, and other social events. but she is also passionate about her skills as a home decor designer. After looking at her social media I can see how she can add the right touches to anyone’s home.

After taking a few minutes of her time, I was truly enlighten about some things and look forward to our new found relationship.

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