10 Natural Brides Share the Wedding Day Advice They Wish They Had


Imagine captivating guests as you walk down the aisle to meet the man of your dreams. Yes, you’ve been indecisive at times during the wedding planning process but you’re content with the beautiful outcome of your wedding day style.

Changing your style to fit mainstream images of brides is a thing of the past. You’ve created your own standards of beauty and you’re helping others acknowledge that beauty comes in different shapes, forms and hair textures.

Here’s a list of stunning brides and their unique wedding advice to you.



Shacola’s Wedding Advice: To elope. LOL. No, but seriously do the best you can and make sure you have people in your corner that have you and the groom’s interest at heart and will do what it takes to make sure the day goes well for the both of you.



Anika’s Wedding Advice: This special day is about you and your future husband—don’t sweat the small stuff. Most importantly, don’t go into debt for something that will last just one day. And have lots of fun.




Ivory’s Wedding Advice: RELAX! Be sure to have a brief chat with your planner/vendors before the day begins and then relax.



Toussaint’s Wedding Advice: I knew early on I wanted to wear my hair natural because it’s how I wear it 95% of the time. I used to straighten it all the time years ago, but that’s not me anymore. All I knew is that I wanted my hair off of my face, because my husband always says my hair is so big that he can’t see me. So for our wedding, I knew it had to be pulled back.  I decided to have my stylist do a twist-out the day before, and on the day of the wedding my best friend and I took it out and she styled it for me. It was exactly what I wanted and I felt beautiful because I was 100% me.



Mrs. Watts’s Wedding Advice: In preparing for your wedding day, be realistic, be honest and transparent.  Employ as many friends and family who can help with different projects.  The best advice I received was on the very day of my wedding: “something WILL GO WRONG, and that’s ok!” Don’t stress about those things.



Tamika’s Wedding Advice: Make sure you keep God first! Also, go to premarital counseling to address any and all concerns you may have before your union.



Letitia’s Wedding Advice: My words of advice are to pick the parts of the day that are most important to you and stick to them. Everything else can be done easily or delegated. Also, trying to please a crowd of people will drive you crazy. Once the day is there, let nothing bother you. You did everything you could. We realized while we were waiting to enter the reception that a mix-up of communication left us without beverages at the reception. Aaron pulled out $20 and told someone to run to Chick Fila for tea and lemonade, and then turned around and kissed me. We kept it moving and didn’t panic. I love him.


Codie’s Wedding Advice:  Remember to eat. Whether you sneak off to snack or actually sit down during dinner (rather than greeting guests one by one), make time to enjoy the entire night and not get too cranky or too drunk.



Tori’s Wedding Advice:  Be sure to take in EVERY moment. One thing everyone told us was the day goes by so fast and all you’ll have left are photos. We made it a point to stop and take it all in as much as possible throughout the day. We remember the day in vivid detail!



Doreen’s Wedding Advice: Our advice to newly engaged couples is “Cease to follow trends and chart your own path.”

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Written by Ro’Shunda Russell and published by NaturallyCurly.

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