WBM Beauty & Wellness Conversation With Mariela Amato Sanchez

We are living in stressful times. That is not even a question. That is a fact. But one thing we know for sure, if you are planning a wedding during these times–something good is happening. There is still hope. Love never fails.

The goals continue to be finding the best way to live your best life with the one you love. Hiring wedding professionals that are going to execute your day stress-free and doing so safely.

There will be some aspects of your wedding which will require very little contact with the respected vendor. Your makeup, hair, nails, and grooming are not one of those things. You will be in each other’s spaces so we strongly suggest you hire the best, and get to know their practices so you can be at ease.

We caught up with another of our favorite beauty experts and we are excited to share with you some of her brilliant work and tell you her story.

Full name Mariela Amato Sanchez

What is your occupation? 
 I am the founder of No Faux Mindful Beauty & Wellness. As a MINDFUL BEAUTY COACH and wellness advocate, I specialize in holistic rejuvenation methods, mindfulness, and green beauty. 

What does that entail?
I help my clients GLOW FROM WITHIN through mindset work, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) based Holistic Nutrition guidance + Face Mapping, Ancient Beauty knowledge, and tools including Face Yoga, Face Mapping, Face Cupping, and Gua Sha. As a seasoned makeup artist, I provide Holistic and Green Pro Makeup Services. Also, one of my key offers for the bridal community is our Mindfully Wed service.

Can you describe the kind of services you provide to clients?
The MINDFULLY WED  is a customizable service/program targeted for Brides & Grooms to-be and their wedding parties. We help our clients get their face, body & mind aligned and in shape for the big day! We’ll work together in bringing a harmonious balance to their wellbeing – from their MINDSET to the way they feel and look. You’ll get to walk down the aisle confidently, stress-free, and of course – beautiful and glowing!

Our MINDFULLY Wed can either be a 5-week program, bridal shower, and/or the-day-of service. About The 5 Week Program: This program is online (available for brides, grooms, and their moms worldwide) which includes: 

Our popular No Faux FACELIFT (Holistic Face Rejuvenation Method)     One-on-one Mindset  Coaching – personalized 1h weekly calls, mindfulness & meditation techniques to get the stress away from prepping the last details of the wedding. Most importantly, we focus on the key factor in how they can change their identity from single to married in a blissful way!      Two holistic nutrition consultations along with healthy recipes and tips to get you fit, healthy, and glowing from the inside out.     Work Your Body – option to receive personalized Pilates Fusion workout videos. 

 We have extended our signature Mindful Beauty SPA parties for bridal showers, they are such a fun way to bring wellness and holistic beauty to the conscious bride and her tribe. Lastly, in an abbreviated version, we also offer The-Day-Of Services – our MINDFUL ‘GET READY’ BRIDAL PARTY TIME. We understand that getting ready for the big moment can be stressful. Our goal is to provide a mindful, relaxing yet fun time for the bride and her bridal party. Brides have the option to choose the activities/services for any of both occasions:

 1. Mindful Masking (guided meditation + face mask) 
 2. Tune-In Breathing Techniques     
 3. Ancient Beauty Tools       
4. Express Mini-Facials and/or Face Yoga workout DIY own favor with the instruction and guidance of our certified Aromatherapist and/or Beauty
Herbalist educators
5. Pilates Fusion, Vinyasa Yoga, or Buti Yoga Flow
6. Clean & Green Makeup Services (Standard + Airbrush  Combo)    
7. UNWIND with our signature TEAmosas. 

(offer available for NYC + Long Island, NY).

When did you start working in the beauty industry?
I’ve been in the beauty industry for 12 years – I started as Makeup Artist assisting photoshoots and behind the scenes during NY Fashion Week for several beauty brands such as Hourglass, Ellis Faas, and more. Then, I was very fortunate to further my career in the beauty industry as a Cosmetics & Fragrance Marketer and helped in the ideation, product development, and marketing of beauty products for reputable brands such as Bebe, Oscar De la Renta, Nine West, and the decadent sexy lingerie Agent Provocateur.

When did you start connecting beauty with wellness?
As part of my personal journey, I opted for a more holistic lifestyle. Knowing that our skin is the largest organ of our body, and learning that what we put ON it is just as important as what we put IN it, I discovered several clean brands that revolutionized my whole outlook of the beauty industry. 

In the search to support my clients with a more natural approach when providing makeup services, I fell in love with CLEAN + GREEN beauty and I became a Holistic Makeup Artist. My makeup services are not only about makeup but are more like a mini spa day combined with mini-facelift and makeover sessions which I call them Express Mindful Makeovers.

Throughout my career in the beauty industry, I have learned that TRUE BEAUTY is not surface level, instead, it’s an inner force that manifests outwardly. A healthy body, a positive mind along with the right mindset, and beauty techniques can truly transform a woman’s confidence – one that is long-lasting and more meaningful.

Making women FEEL + LOOK beautiful and confident has always being my passion – whether it has been through makeup, creating a beauty product, or body + face pilates/yoga, I use my Mindful Beauty techniques as tools that serve as an entryway to work at a deeper level into the mind and soul of my clients.

What does self-care mean to you?
SELF-LOVE through SELF-CARE is what we preach at No Faux.  
Caring, loving, and accepting yourself is the key to True Beauty.

What do you feel is important information for customers to know when working with a beauty professional?
When choosing to work with a beauty professional, I believe there are three key important points to consider:
1) Results: Have a clear vision of what are the results you desire to achieve and see if that specific beauty professional can help you achieve them. There is nothing worst than hiring a professional, making an investment (time + financially), and getting disappointed. This is why a free Discovery Call, consultation, and/or booking a makeup trial is a must that every customer should look for. I call it the “dating process” between the client and the beauty professional.

2) Values: In a world full of diversity and an array of methods,  it is so important that beauty professionals are crystal clear on what is their point of differentiation and what his/her services stand for. For instance, I stand for clean, green, holistic, and cruelty-free beauty – all the products I choose to use on my clients are of the highest quality because I believe in the importance of caring for their wellness. I know that the clients I attract have the same values my brand portrays, this makes a win-win situation for both of us. My clients feel they are cared for and our relationship becomes trustworthy from the beginning. 

I recommend every customer to look after beauty professionals that offer services that align with their preferences and values. Nowadays, there is no reason to sacrifice our well-being for a moment of beauty. We can have amazing results with ethical products and services.

3) Connection: And to finalize my “dating process” method to choosing the right beauty professional, I believe that in order to receive the best service is to connect with that beauty professional  –  if there is a “click,” a “chemistry” the experience of the service received elevates itself. And to provide more insight on this very important point, no matter how amazing the before and after pictures a bride/groom get to see as part of a beauty specialist’ portfolio, if there is no “chemistry” between the client and the beauty professional, the experience can be damped and end up in plain disappointment. 

I truly believe that providing a beauty service is a gift – it is a unique moment that not only requires expertise but mostly connection and trust.

What are some tips you want to give to brides/grooms when they are shopping for products in the age of this pandemic and beyond?
I have 3 Tips regarding product shopping during this pandemic and beyond.  

1) Clarity: Have a clear idea of what you want to achieve through the product you are looking to purchase and head to the web to read reviews and highlights. 

2) Time Convenience: Once you have found that perfect match online, you can either go to a store having a narrowed down list of options to make the visit quicker and extra effective. Or you can purchase online and return the item/s if the product/s don’t meet expectations. Nowadays, online shopping is offering extra convenience for buyers so take advantage of them!  

3) Solidarity: Support local and small businesses as much as possible. In a shape of form, we have all been affected by the pandemic, a way to rebuild a community is by starting to shop with intention and purpose. Or another way to show solidarity is to support brands who are ethical in their practices and are giving back to a great cause.   

What safety tips can you give our readers?
Safety while having fun: There is no other way than adapting to the new reality of the global pandemic. Safety comes first – optimal hygiene and protection are of utmost relevance. Wear a fun mask that shows your personality when going out shopping, this not only brings a fun element to the experience but it will also help the salesperson help you nail down the perfect product/service that matches your unique personality. As well, bring a small spray bottle of alcohol and make it your best shopping gal!

So as you go through the process of hiring your beauty experts.. make sure you do your research– health first.

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