Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

Q Square NYC


Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? The love of your life.

Each culture has its own je ne sais quoi when it comes to entertaining at meal time, you just can’t put your finger on it.   Or maybe you can?

Many things happen during a meal—conversation, romance, proposals, and life, all over a well-cooked meal presented in love.

From the moment you laid your eyes on your beloved you knew that you would savour every moment together—as you did the first plate of food that was presented to you both on the first night you had your first  dinner.   The presentation, the exquisite way in which each morsel was placed on the perfectly white plate that your server brought to you that fine romantic moment. If you had your way you would relive that day over and over again.


Q Squared


Now you can. We found the plates that would help you relive that wonderful moment every time you dine together.

At WBM, it is all about presentation. That is why we  take great delight in finding new ways to improve our presentation that we bring to you,  each bit of information on our pages.   So should your meal be as well;  it should be done with love and care.

This spring, we had the pleasure of engaging with one of the industry’s lovely tabletop brands: Q Squared NYC. This mother and daughter team is a brand that is formed after our own hearts.  With our passion for entertaining, we fell in love with their designs instantly along with its everyday practical use, durability, and the elegance of each design.

Nancy Young Mosny and Alaina Young created the brand  in 2011. In an effort to inspire others to live elegantly every day, Nancy and Alaina sought to create 100% high-quality melamine tableware, where art and inspiration meets practicality and functionality. And aren’t we glad they did.

So don’t hesitate to invite guests over for a meal—or have the children partake of the elegance of a well-designed meal served on a great set of tableware that will make your grandmother proud.  Go ahead, indulge. You deserve it.

These lovely items can be found at as well as boutique stores and retailers across the U.S, and outlets like Bed Bath & Beyond online, HomeGoods and Draeger’s.

Bon appétit!

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