Bride-To-Be Guides: How To Choose The Best Wedding Dress For Your Body


Scoring for the best wedding gown is probably one of the hardest parts in wedding preparations that every bride faces. As typical as it is to women, the soon-to-be-brides want to wear the perfect dress that will satisfy their fantasies and be the most beautiful bride that they can be.

Looking beautiful on your wedding day has something to do with choosing the right dress that complements your body figure. Whether you’re hiding a problem area or wants to show your best asset, this article is for you.  It is a body-specific guide to glam dresses that every soon-to-be brides need to read.

If You’re Pear-Shaped


What To Look For: For pear-shaped women, the best wedding dress to wear are those dresses with skirts that flared out an ‘A’ formation starting from the waistline up to the floor. This type of cut highlights the midsection and floats away from thighs and hips.

Wedding gowns and dresses with V-necklines and spaghetti strap bodice are good choices too as they highlight the slender upper body of women with pear-shaped bodies.

Reminder: A-line silhouette is a classic cut that looks best on glamorous weddings.


If You’re Busty


What To Look For: Women with busty body frames look best in dresses with scooped neckline. It displays décolletage without revealing too much cleavage and shows up the bride’s face. For those who love strapless gowns, choose the pieces with slight dip across the neckline, like a sweetheart. Gowns and dresses with straight cut necklines will only make your bust look larger and shelf-like.

Reminder: Sheen fabrics like satin, silk, and organza will add more volume and draw more to the bust area. So, as much as possible, avoid these materials at any cost.


If You’re Small-Chested

What To Look For: For women with a small bust area, dresses and gowns with ruched bodice are perfect choices. Extra fabric top up will provide the illusion of having curves and fills out the chest area. Padded halter styles is also a good option.

Reminder: The trick is to find the right bra. Choose a brassiere that will provide excellent cushioning and will lift up the bustline.


If You’re Plus-Sized


What To Look For: Empire-cut wedding dresses and gowns with skirts that begin under the bust line and flows gradually to A-line floor length are best for women in the plus-sized category. However, it’s more important that the seam line of the Empire dress has no pleating in the fabric and does not start at the chest because it will resemble a maternity dress.

Reminder: It’s ideal to look for fabrics that will provide a structure like satin than going for something flowy. But for those, who love lighter fabrics, it’s ideal to choose gowns and dresses with stiffer base and embroidered tulle overlay.


If You’re Apple-Type

What To Look For: Women with apple-shaped figures look best with gowns and dresses that cinch on the waistline’s smallest point then flares out gradually into A-shape. Choose a bodice with texture or lace details that will fit snugly and hide the extra pounds. It will create a corset-like effect. The most flattering neckline is one with deep V-lines.

Reminder: Shun away from trumpet style dresses as it will only emphasize the widest area of the body and flare out knees and legs, the most slender part of women with apple-shaped body type.


If You’re Straight-Line Type

What To Look For: For the brides-to-be in the straight-lined category, find a dress that creates curves. Try the ones in sheath fabric with light charmeuse and cut on the bias. It will give a va-va-voom silhouette.

Reminder: It’s important to look for gowns and dresses with ruching effect to create volume and will add curves to the body.


If You’re Tall

What To Look For: Tall women should go for gowns and dresses with simple silhouettes. The idea is to highlight the natural body shape through floor-sweeping hems and lower waistlines. For women who prefer long sleeves, the sleeves should extend past the wrist.

Reminder: Avoid dresses and gowns with too many rosettes and ruffles as it will appear as cutesy on a tall person. Keep it straightforward and flattering.


If You’re Petite

What To Look For: Petite women should go for a sheath, trumpet, and A-line gowns. The best cuts are those that have waistlines settling above the natural waistline to make the body look longer. The rest of the details should be minimal and limits to the bodice too.

Reminder: Avoid dresses with dropped waist cuts, ball gowns, and anything calf-length as it will make you look shorter.



Just like any woman’s clothing, a beautiful wedding dress is the bride’s pride and joy on her wedding day, that’s why it is only normal for her to choose the best piece that will complement her body frame and make her the most beautiful bride on her wedding day. Hopefully, the guidelines above will help and shed light to every woman’s queries




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