Paris – Love Chic and Charm – Qui Qui Cherie!

Paris. The French capital, the city of lights and love, is one the biggest touristic cities in the world. Home of architecture and museums, the fashion city of the world is also home to some of the most beautiful hotels in Europe or in the world. World Bride Magazine discovered the Hotel Le Méridien Etoile as your number one honeymoon spot in Paris.

Located between the legendary avenue of Champs-Elysées and the business center of La Defense, Le Méridien Etoile is a four star hotel that brings the magic and luxury of Paris. This honeymoon spot is perfect to celebrate a special moment in your life where comfort, fun and good meals are the leitmotiv. The modern rooms and spacious suites with a beautiful design and a quiet place will show you the suave French vibe. More than a hotel, Le Méridien Etoile is a double jewel in the 17th district of Paris. The Chapel Montmartre, located in the art district, is just a hop and skip from your hotel or plan a legendary romantic boat ride down the Seine River. You can share a lovely drive out to Versailles and, like Louis the 18th, be the sun king and queen for a day. Rue de l’Universite should also be on your honeymoon sightseeing agenda. This street in Paris is famously known for its exquisite promenade lined with antique and contemporary beauties. Stop by Stéphanie de Bruijn’s “Parfum Sur Mesure” and mix your own special scent for she and he. By your first anniversary, it will be time for a refill, hint hint.

In the country where the cuisine is an art and a national treasure, there is an alliance between love, food and music. The restaurant within the Hotel Le Méridien Etoile features the culinary concept of “Ma chère tendre” meaning “my dear tenders”. It serves a special meat for lovers of French cuisine. Charolaise or Black Angus made by a chef are Gourmont parts of the menu. After tasting Japanese Chef Toshiyuki Kido Sushi Bar, you are a true connoisseur of Japanese food. The jazz club Etoile inside at the hotel is where people can connect with heart, beats and passion. Surrounded by music, the hotel is a perfect rendezvous for lovers. It’s one of the most distinguished institutions in Paris for jazz lovers, hosting some of the world’s best musicians, such as B.B. King, Cab Calloway or Lionel Hampton. Already offering a diverse mix of music, the Jazz Club Etoile is opening its stage to Soul, Blues, Funk and World Music.

Paris is synonymous with love and romance. But don´t fall too deeply in love with this city. It’s all about letting her in and become your ménage a trios.

by Susan Dilworth and Epee Dingong
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