More Than Diamonds: A Guide to Choosing The Right Jewelry For Your Bridal Gown

From time to time, right in the mainstream of an ordinary life, love gives us fairy tales. Thus, love is a journey that begins in forever and ends in never. Marriage is the moment when two souls vow to spend the rest of their lives together for eternity.

In weddings, the jewelry of the bride should be a priority when it comes to planning a wedding. Finding the exact natural jewelry is to make her feel that she is the most beautiful and the most important person in the world when she gracefully walks down the aisle and all throughout her marriage day.

On the other hand, thinking about buying jewelry is not budget-friendly at all. Yes, it is true that on the wedding day, everything should be perfect, but that does not mean that it should consume every dime of your bank account.

Without the need to get carried away, we have compressed down some tricks and guidance for you to be mindful in selecting your wedding day gemstone.

Select the jewelry that you like

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In contrary to your wedding dress, you can get more than one use out of your bridal jewel, so it is best to pick the kind of gem which you could picture yourself wearing on many occasions. Instead of swinging your ceremony sparkling with expensive diamonds, it is best to go with gemstone combination that you find yourself convenient.

Pair your accessories to your gown

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If you cannot conclude between gold or silver, allow the glow of your dress to enlighten your choice. In case that your dress is white, its particular luminous color will look elegant with silver or platinum pieces.

In case that your dress is blush, try to cast rose gold accessories. The pink cast in the metal will coordinate with the soft pink of the dress.

Assuming that your dress is champagne, a jewelry of gold color will appreciate the warm timbre in this extreme light beige color.

Considering gown is ivory, gold jewelry will best complement this white hue.

Always remember that less is more

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Your jewelry should speak of your identity, but it should also complement your dress. You don’t need a veil, earrings, necklace, headdress and a sash, remember that less is more.

It is always an excellent idea to bypass designs that nearly clones the embellishments on your gown, and have your accessories make a statement. You only need to think about one focal portion of jewelry. Do not select one of every accessory as your wedding day will look more scruffy than dashing all at once.

Acknowledge the neckline of your dress

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Considering that your dress has a strapless neckline or sweetheart, consider wearing a pendant or a short necklace to build height and attend entire sight to your radiant smile. This approach is making a return and looks ageless with this kind of neckline. One more choice is to avert from the necklace and try wearing climactic chandelier earrings as an alternative. Gently haul your hair and add a handful fresh blossom.

Considering that décolletage is the major point, you will want your extraordinary items there, though do not falter to boost with a tinier bracelet or bangle to accord everything out.

In case that your dress has a reverse halter or a halter,  you can accessorize on your hair by enhancing it with combs, pins or vines. It could be glossy, floral or jewelled, depends on the outcome you want.

Granted that your dress has a V-neck, this trend is for décolletage design. Aim for a pendant or necklace, or you can also try to layer both if they are exquisite fragments. Match your necklace with your earrings, which could be dangling or small, whichever looks excellent with your hairdo.

Just be yourself

Although a wedding is a special day, do not carelessly bend too far from your usual style. If you rarely wear gems, there is no need to drench yourself in sparkling diamonds on your marriage day.

Also, one important factor is to feel comfortable all throughout the day, remember that you will be standing for extended periods of time, and you do not want to be cringing in pain before you have even hit the dance floor. The goal is to look like the best, most beautiful form of your ordinary self. Believe that your happiness is the most important accessory of all.


We want everything to be perfect, but it would cost a price and be heartbreaking if everything we plan would not go in things we desire. It is not the location, the amount spent, and the grandiosity that counts. Always remember that happiness is priceless, and the feeling of being the most beautiful girl in the world in front of the love of your life is the dream of every princess.

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