Couture Can Be A Part of Your Everyday Wardrobe–MARIA ARISTIDOU


Your wardrobe speaks volumes about you– your sense of style, your taste level, it can even date an era.  At WBM, our content is very intentional.  Our goal is to inspire you for whatever the occasion you are preparing for–your engagement party, your wedding, your honeymoon and beyond.

So on our trip to Paris, covering Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week, when we received our invitation to cover the lovely Maria Aristidou we were elated. Maria Aristidou is a contemporary fashion designer in the luxury womenswear arena.  Her clothing range from evening and daywear to luxury beachwear and unisex knit scarf collection.

Clothing is very personal.  Lifestyle is an individual choice.  Dressing for the occasion can vary from one person to the next, from one occasion to the next but on your budget, which will determine where and whom you shop with.

At WBM, our goal is to identify each brand, services, products and show you what they have to offer and how they can be of benefit to you and your family.

Investing in luxury is exactly what it is–an investment.  Spend wisely.  Be intentional.  In all my years of shopping with luxury brands– brand recognition was the thing that brought me to each location.  But the history and the exceptional service was a major factor that caused them to give them my business.   I knew exactly what would happen if something would go wrong with my purchase.  I would be well taken care of and I felt my purchases were protected.  The benefits of shopping wisely.

So when shopping for goods, services and other related “investments”– do your research, make sure the brand stands behind their products and services.

So our coverage of Maria Artistidou is worth investigating the brand to upgrade your wardrobe now and the future.

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