Dressed For The Most Important Occasion, Your Wedding by Matthew Christopher



Dressing for one of your most important occasion, your wedding, requires more then just a swipe left or right to make a decision.   It should at least required you getting familiar with the designer,  the brand and its aesthetics.

We at World Bride Magazine have been following the house of Matthew Christopher for sometime.  And we take great delight attending his shows, and pulling from him for certain shoots.  So it is with great pleasure that we want to recommend the brand to you, our beloved readers as you make your journey of planning one of the the most important soirees of your life time.  Your wedding.

Please take a moment and venture out and explore this classic designer, that brings a little edge, with a whole lot of sexy to each and everyone of his pieces. What captured our attention about Matthew Christopher the very first time attending one of his shows is his diverse group of models, as well as the various size of models catering to every woman that intends to walk down the aisle.  Now that is inclusion.

I am sure you will be delighted by the selection of dresses by Matthew Christopher.


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