Why getting married on the tiniest island in the Mediterranean can turn your wedding into an unforgettable affair

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It is very easy to see where the land ends and the dark blue sea begins when you find yourself on one of the highest points in Malta. The tiniest island in the Mediterranean, Malta does not take up much space on the map, yet it can leave a significant mark on those who choose to get married on this island.

From the history to the ornate buildings, the weather and the awe-inspiring fireworks, here are reasons why getting married on the tiniest island in the Mediterranean can turn your wedding into an unforgettable affair.

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The weather – The sun is never gone for too long, even on the coldest January days. With high temperatures in summer, perfectly warm spring days and cold winters where the sun is still shining, the weather in Malta is often favorable for weddings.

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The churches – When your dream is to get married in a church, then Malta has the gold-encrusted, ornate churches and cathedrals that will leave you in awe. From the frescoes to the marbled floors and the myriad of chandeliers, you are sure to find the perfect church for you.

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The beaches – If you’d rather get married barefoot on the beach, then you have another list of options. From golden sands to rocky beaches, you can have the breezy wedding ceremony you have always longed for.

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The countryside – With its rubble walls spanning decades, the countryside in Malta is another great spot to hold your wedding party or to take photographs. You can take advantage of those spots where you can set up a huge white tent and enjoy a magical night under the stars.

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The palaces and the museumsMalta has had every form of invasion over the years and with that came a myriad of influences and history that resulted in some of the oldest temples in the world, intricately elaborate palaces and haunting museums. This is why Malta can be an asset in creating drama for your wedding party by holding the reception in one of these historic places.

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The old and the new city – Malta has two cities, both of which can turn your wedding into an unforgettable affair. The old city, Mdina, bears winding roads and bastions that are hundreds of years old. It has a haunting cathedral that photographs in a spectacular way, and very few cars are allowed inside the city, so you can roam its streets quite freely. On the other hand, the new city, Valletta, is a bustling spot with a number of old churches and one stunning cathedral, all leading to the main streets, so your wedding party can walk the streets and be cheered by the locals, most of whom adore weddings.

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The fireworks – More than a mere show, Maltese fireworks are a testament of true workmanship that comes from a real passion, despite how dangerous it is to create fireworks. Ending the night with spectacular fireworks will give your wedding the awe-inspiring ending that will leave a mark on your guests for years to come.


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