Uncovering Parke and Ronen—The Perfect Honeymoon Attire for Men

New York Fashion Week. The all-nighters, the glamour, the errands, the designers, the interns; there isn’t one person out of the team that hasn’t had their meltdown, till the designer’s return backstage after taking their bow. This year, Amazon Fashion decided to host the first ever New York Fashion Week, Men’s.

When I walked in to Parke and Ronen backstage, I expected the madness, chaos, yelling, etc. but always expect the unexpected right? After trying to pull my eyes away from all the beautiful male models, I realized how comfortable the atmosphere was. Not to say that people weren’t busy, there was plenty of back and forth, New York-style walking happening. However, there was no crude attitude between the artists and models, for example. They say in fashion, sooner or later, the stress extracts all your love and passion for the industry. But for the first time, there was humility with hunger, which is the perfect tagline for “Parke and Ronen”

The film adaptation of the musical “Hair” soon became the couple’s muse for the season collection. “The time period was very specific, so the idea of free love and hippie culture went through a reinvention process … we really adapted to the attitude of story that they were trying to tell.” Free and fluid like the man.

Known for their swimwear, the designers as individuals truly savor travelling, which has always been the heart of their work. A consistent reflection of fluidity and freedom is a reflection of their “relaxed” personalities and the joy of their discoveries. Parker’s favorite holiday destination is Phuket and his desired destination on his bucket list is the Maldives. Better get on it Parke and Ronen, do not let this boat sink.

Parke-Ronen collage



3 facts about the couple that you can’t find on the Internet—

  1. “We’re very business minded and design for real peoplewe are at our store every day dealing directly with our customers.”
  2. “We’re not married yet.”
  3. Parker: “I have the entertainment taste of a 65 year old womanI love British costume dramas.”


Overall, there was a certain serenity about the clothes, a vibe that was extremely pleasant and well appreciated.



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