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Hassler Hotel and Bucher Wirth Family are very famous names in the hotel scenery worldwide. More than 140 years of history and traditions in the hotel industry, Hassler Hotel is a gem in the field of hospitality. Internationally recognized as one of the best hotels in the world, today it is in the hands of Roberto Wirth, the descendant of two great families of hoteliers: the Buchers and the Wirths. The Hassler Roma enjoys one of the most privileged positions in the very heart of Rome, and sits to the right of the spectacular 16th century Trinità dei Monti Church, just right of the famous Piazza di Spagna and its fashion street Via dei Condotti. Hassler Hotel is the right choice for those who are looking for an elegant, comfortable, perfect vacation, or for all who want to celebrate their wedding in the most enchanting place in Rome. We met Roberto E. Wirth to learn more about the stunning hotel.



Roberto E. Wirth 

Hassler’s history starts in 1889. How did it change in the years?

“Hassler’s story for me begins with my father Oscar in 1921, when he started managing the hotel as partner of another Swiss hotelier, Alberto Hassler, later becoming the sole owner of the prestigious hotel. In 1925, with the awakening of European tourism and the arrival of the first significant numbers of American tourists, Hassler soon became the undisputed leader in the Italian hotel industry. In 1940 it opened its world-famous rooftop restaurant (now called Imàgo), the first panoramic restaurant ever built in Rome. In 1939 my father almost completely demolished the building to reconstruct it. The hotel was then retained during the Second World War by US Air Force to be used as their headquarters in Rome. The new Hassler Rome was finally reopened to the public in 1947. In the 1950s, Hassler was a 4-star hotel that was gradually gaining popularity. A new type of clientele faced and my father had the intuition to turn it into a 5- star. To do this, he had to include in each room a toilet (first were common in the corridors) and this made the rooms smaller, but at that time it was okay. In the various restyling work we have been very careful to maintain the historical identity of the hotel without forgetting that we must look to the future. Hassler now offers a classic and elegant ambiance where contemporary elements also stand out. Perfect balance between past and present.”

Each city has an iconic hotel: New York has The Plaza, Rome has Hassler. How can you keep this primacy?

“We have a constant commitment and the will to continue to maintain the high standards that distinguish us. And above all, it’s important to pay attention to any change so that we can meet any need.”

From which part of the world do your clients come from?

“Most of our customers come from Europe and America: the most represented countries are the United States, Russia, England and Italy. Japan, Australia and the Middle East still have an important percentage of attendance.”

What does the customer fall in love with?

“The attention to customer desires, the unique location— we are on top of the staircase of Trinità dei Monti—an impeccable service, the staff’s friendliness, our gastronomic offer that gives Imàgo a gourmet cuisine. And at the Eva Salon and Palm Court, a kitchen that reflects the Italian and Roman traditions. All that makes this hotel a “second home,” or rather, the welcoming Roman residence of many affectionate customers.”

Hassler Hotel is located in one of the most beautiful spot in Rome: Piazza di Spagna.

“Being in the center of Rome means … everything. The Hassler overlooks the Spanish Steps, and on foot you can reach the famous luxury shopping streets Via dei Condotti, as well as the main historical and cultural attractions. And from our terraces, from our restaurant and from many rooms with a look dominates the entire eternal city.”

Internet reviews from your customers are impeccable. What comes back often is the great satisfaction with the staff: courtesy, knowledge, efficiency. It shows that every single staff member has been chosen with care.

“Staff is one of the key elements of hospitality we invest heavily in specific trainings to give our employees all the tools they need to provide our guests with a great service. Also important is the first step, the selection. And then surely the fact that establishing a lasting professional bond means that the team will consolidate and work best by relying on a relationship of trust and mutual esteem.”

Hassler Hotel is a perfect mix between modernity and the Rome that we all love: the city showed in Fellini’s movies. How much is this appreciated from your customers?

“The appeal to Hassler’s prestigious past and history is surely felt by our guests; it is part of our legacy and heritage and has contributed to the hunger the hotel enjoys today. However, this does not mean that our guests do not expect all the comfort that modernity can offer today.”

Imago 10 years anniversary: restaurants and food are another strenght of Hassler Hotel.

“Imàgo’s strengths are the unique location – located on the sixth floor of the building. Imàgo offers a breathtaking view over Rome and the Spanish Steps: here you have the thrill of touching the bell towers of Trinità dei Monti; breathing the beauties of the Villa Medici park, discovering the dome of the Pantheon, playing to distinguish the domes of the Romanesque churches; and experiencing the culinary concept, always faithful to itself over the years, created by our Chef Francesco Apreda, a unique service.”

Chef Apreda knows exactly what customers love. Tell us about the fantastic Imago cuisine.

“Chef Apreda offers innovative dishes that include the classic style of Italian cuisine revisited with its unmistakable style of memory, research, taste and imagination: refined creations of Oriental flavors and colors, admirably and cleverly intertwined with the tastes of our tradition. Imàgo’s cuisine can be defined as a journey between Mediterranean cuisine and emotions with Italian flavors and exotic scents.”

Chef Apreda and Roberto E. Wirth

Hotel Hassler is also a beautiful location for a wedding. What should our reader expect if they choose to get married in your hotel?

“Whoever chooses Hassler expects the best and wants the day of the fateful “yes” to be embedded in memory in the best way. For the celebration party, but also to celebrate the ceremony at Hassler, you can choose one of the exclusive terraces, such as Penthouse Suite Villa Medici: 160m2 from which you can look at the architectural beauties of the Spanish Steps to St. Peter’s Basilica and offering, especially at sunset, a spectacle that has no equal. If you want to revive the 19th century splendor, the Medici Salon, with its timeless surroundings, is the ideal solution; while for the one who prefers a more holed place here is the Sala Capre: a soft and intimate setting overlooking the quiet of the garden Palm Court. Chef Francesco Apreda will take care of every aspect of the dining and the wedding cake available to all the chef patissier’s creativity to make sweet dreams come true. And at the end of the holiday, the wedding guests – but why not, even the guests – can stay in one of our magnificent rooms and suites so that the fairy tale continues.”

Little curiosity: The Golden Book. What it is and why it has become a popular object.

“The Golden Book is a volume that, in more than a century of history, collects the signatures of famous guests – from the world of politics, nobility, cinema and music – of Hassler Rome.”


The variety of choices offered in Hassler Hotel is another strength: 79 rooms, 13 sumptuous suites, all filled with masterpiece of art and antiques. The Grand Deluxe Rooms, large and luminous, are the symbols of the Hassler’s unique style; the Deluxe Rooms, with its harmonious atmosphere; the Classic Double Rooms, the Single Rooms. And, of course, the Hassler Penthouse Suites, located on the 8th floor, 400m2 decorated with a fine attention to details, with a private access to the stunning panoramic terraces; and the Penthouse Villa Medici Suite, located on the 7th floor, with its private 160m2 terrace. Hassler Hotel offers many more suites and rooms, to know more about this wonderful hotel, visit the website


We are sure you will not be disappointed!


Written by Annalisa Arcoleo

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