NYBFW: Blush by Hailey Paige Romance at is Finest

Jameson JLM, Bridal, New York

Blush by Hayley Paige latest collection is serving up romance on a silver platter. Its all in the details that create the essence of romance. Soft lace appliques, flowy fabrics with a touch of sexiness. The same showstoppers from Hayley Paige are evident in the Blush collection as well. Soft clean lines, classic sweetheart necklines and modest coverage make the Blush collection similar to ready-to-wear fashion collections.

Imagine a garden wedding with lush floral surrounding you that’s how I felt when I saw the Blush collection. I was transported to the most romantic setting which is what your wedding day is all about. Love bringing together family and friends for a celebration. There are moments in the Blush collection gowns that you want to take a second and third look. You always find a new detail that makes the dress even prettier than at first glance.

Jameson dress gives the illusion of skin adding a sultry touch to the fitted gown. There’s an understated demure tone to this collection. Soft lines, subtle layering of details and feminine silhouettes create a romance that transforms you into a frozen moment in time.

Finch JLM, Bridal New York
Drai JLM, Bridal New York


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