New Life New Style–Mulberry Is Helping You Build Your Wardrobe, As Seen At Paris Fashion Week



While many are convinced the wedding dress is the only dress a bride will shop for from the moment of her engagement, we at WBM realize that there will be new beginnings to a couples life from that moment on.  So naturally, a new set of wardrobe usually comes with this new life-changing occasion.

So we simply want to assist you in building a sustainable and reusable set of wardrobe that will last you for years to come based on the quality of the garments you invest in, finding pieces that will remain timeless.  We found that in the upcoming 2019/20 Fall presentation by Mulberry at Paris Fashion Week.


“These styles share a versatility that is easily suited to day or evening use, with each silhouette available in varying sizes, scaled up or down to suit the occasion or the woman.”



The British brand has a fresh look on the woman they are dressing, chic with a sense of classic style and sensibility –with a level of confidence while still remaining modest with her well-tailored garments that are rich in fabrication.

The brand has everything you will need to complete your look–accessories which include jewelry, shoes, bags, and eyewear.

This modern woman wants to remain timeless.

“History should be built upon, not repeated,” says Coca. “Referencing the past provides people with a sense of security, but using what has come before to create something new keeps them intrigued. My goal is to find that perfect balance.” 



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