Fashion Designer Frederick Anderson Is a Rising Star After 25 Years

Frederick Anderson has been in the thick of New York’s fashion scene for over 20 years. He and Douglas Hannant created a made-to-order collection in the early aughts that catered to the ladies who lunch set. He met Hannant while studying fashion design at The Fashion Institute of Technology, and together they helmed a successful business under Hannant’s name for a decade. Over the years, their celebrity following grew as they dressed Beyonce, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Hudson, Janet Jackson, and more. They succeeded in branching out to various categories like fragrance, bridal, and furs. But Anderson had a deep desire to tell his own story. In 2017 he struck out on his own and launched a label of insouciant party looks under his name. Created with couture fabrics and crocheted pieces, the collection hit a sweet spot—fewer ladies who lunch and more girls who like to party.

His fun and flirty take dressing appeals to a new generation of women who appreciate well-made clothing and impeccable luxe fabrics. After his long career, he was recently awarded the rising star honor from the Fashion Group International, even though his star has been ascending for years. Anderson’s story is one of perseverance—slow and steady wins the race. He is getting ready to present his fall ’23 lineup at the time of this writing, and if his past successes are an indicator, his light will be brighter than ever. Below is his spring 2023 runway.

Anderson was kind enough to take time from his fall ’23 runway prep to answer a few questions.

Anderson was kind enough to take time from his fashion runway prep to answer a few questions.

Who is your customer, and how does your fashion fit into their lifestyle

I say all the time that fashion is your conversation with the world. The Frederick Anderson girl is an individual and likes to make a statement with her clothes.  She is not shy or afraid to take chances. I like to think that my clothes help give her the confidence to be a fashionable individual. My clients are also concerned about the quality and love my deep understanding of fabrications and fit. 

Is there anything you do in honor of black history month?

On February 1st, I model in the Blue Jacket fashion show.  It’s a benefit for Prostate Cancer awareness.  1 in 7 black men will be affected.  Now in its 7th year, I am proud that we are not only informing men on PSA testing but also saving lives in the process.  

Are there any black fashion icons that you admire?

Andre Leon Tally was a friend and a major role model.  When I first started 20 years ago, seeing him as a success helped make me believe it was possible for me as well.

What is your favorite restaurant in NYC or beyond?

 My favorite restaurant is definitely Indochine.  It’s the perfect mix of great food and great people.  My go-to for many, many years now.

A favorite cultural hit?
I’m a broadway baby, as that’s where I started my career. Wicked, I have seen at least ten times… yeah a bit obsessed. 

Favorite place to travel?
I’m a travel-holic, but Paris is the place where I feel the most at home when not in NYC.

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