Everything about Paris Fashion week was “incroyable“, as the French would say. The runway was filled with so many bold trends such as bold black and white looks, to colorful leathers and even feathers.

I covered so many Fall 2019 collections over the course of the week from Mulberry to Agnes B, but respectfully I almost overly enjoyed the Street Style witnessed on the French capital streets the most.

What is the connection to bridal?  Quite simple!  Fashion Week around the world is nothing but a big party. A reason to get dressed up, and put on your best face, and impress the cameras.  That is where we found some of our inspirations that we thought we may share with you as you plan to attend your -best friends wedding.



Forget about hair adornments- what about face adornments?

Black is absolutely beautiful all around the world. The leather and natural hair were a match made and it felt like a revolution.

Fur, psychedelic colors and boots were a common trend amongst the street stylers.

Layers, berets, tights and designer sneakers, of course, was a must on the street.

There wasn’t a box in Paris because people were walking all over it, and owning their looks as if they were on the runway.


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