Sayonara Presents Phuong

Owning a piece of Phoung My’s new collection — Sayonara can be compared to owning your own power in all the various stages of a woman’s life– purity, love, power. Everything from the hair, makeup, and even the intro of this collection was breathtaking at the showing during New York Fashion Week.

The collection seemed to pay homage of various designer greats such as Mr. Dior himself with the well-structured dresses, and tapered jackets.  Down to the hats.  But yet very modern and futuristic– all while giving me various symmetrical cuts that I have seen in certain pieces from Comme de Garcon– representing power and protection.

Feminine but very bold with a masculine feel to some of the pieces.  Item after item there was something about each piece that made them very desirable.

I love the choice of colors and the order in which it was presented in her runway show. Love the red in the show– the power of love.  Bravo Phuong.





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WBM is proud to introduce the talented  Vietnamese designer Tran Phuong My.

Where are you do you live and where is your based?
Ho Chi Minh City & New York City
How long have you been designing?
I have been designing since 2010 winning with my first contest having the show sponsored during New York Fashion Week, and opened PHUONG MY brand in 2013. 

What was the inspiration for joining the fashion industry?
The ability to create a modern reinterpretation of traditional Asian designs for women seeking the extraordinary. 

Your evening collection is bold and amazing– is that where your inspiration for bridal came from?
My inspiration has often come from the women surrounding me: my mother, grandmother, aunts, friends, and customers. They are delicate, feminine and at the same time bold and strong. 

How long does it take you to create a bridal piece for a woman? 
Our turn around for bridal is 4-6 weeks, and 2-3 weeks with a rush order. We believe that the modern woman now makes bold and quick decision and does not want to wait. She should doesn’t relish on the thought of waiting too long to be able to choose and wear her most important dress either. 

Are you inspired by the bride or is the bride inspired by your past work and then you create something that will compliment her?
I think it is a combination of both. Often I am inspired by my own customers and women around me to create my collection. When the customer comes to see me it is because they see something or a part of themselves in my collection.

Where can our brides find you and get one of your creations? 
For our first bridal collection, you can find us in New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, Houston, Milan, London, and Seoul this summer.


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