All Photographers Are Not Created Equally- Photographer Jan Freire Drops Gems

The reality is not all photographers are equal–in talent, style or in budget.  But when you find the right ones you just know it.  After working in the fashion industry with some of the industries top photographers in the world– I’m about to name drop.  Annie Leibovitz, Peter Lindberg, Patrick Demarchelier, Mario Sorrenti, Mario Testino, Albert Watson, Marc Baptiste, Roberto Ligresti and the famous Alexi Lubomirski who is now famously known to the general market as the legend who shot the Royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.


So if you were to ask any of these great photographers if they shoot weddings– more than likely they will tell you no.  Why because being a wedding photographer involves a whole different set of rules.  Being a fashion, beauty and portrait photographer for a publication is a photographers dream.

When one of these photographers shoot a wedding–if you’re fortunate enough to get them.  It is not about the party.  It is about the moment.  The storytelling process of the occasion.  They are there to capture the moment. Tell your story. Envoke feelings in others that were not present and create a poetic moment.


Their level of excellence is beyond what one can images.  Their team is very much in tune with what they want and the talent requesting their presence has no concern for their ability to deliver.

Up until the day, there is a full production, shot lists, makeup–hair and styling.  They manage this like a full on magazine, or film production.



Not all wedding photographers can make the transition from wedding photography to fashion–there are few exceptions.

But can a fashion photographer make the transition to weddings?  Some do.  And when it happens it is pure poetry.  We caught up with one and we are so proud to share with you the must know information that will make you book immediately.


Full name: Jan Freire
Occupation: Wedding photographer


How long have you been a photographer: Well, since 1991 when I officially created my 1st company, but apparently was doing photography even longer.


What style of photography would you classify yourself: Now I shoot only weddings and bridal fashion. My style is indeed influenced by 20+ years in fashion photography, but most of my clients would describe my style as candid. Which is also not the truth. I would say it’s somewhere in between known styles. I know that my style is really different.


What brought you into the wedding arena: I don’t know. Actually, I do… friends! I never wanted to shoot weddings, and many of my friends asked me to shoot their weddings. But one day the best friend of mine asked, and I had to say yes. And since then I started to love it. 10 years later I decided to continue with weddings only.


What about shooting weddings do you enjoy most: Everything. I do celebrity, and high-end weddings and luxury wedding actually is for me the best kind of fashion. Gorgeous gowns, best venues, fabulous teams of vendors. Plus the most important thing for me is love and real emotions!


What are the services you offer couples planning their wedding: everything you can imagine. From consultation, engagement session, boudoir shoot, wedding day, after wedding shoot, bridal shoots and then of course even their anniversary sessions. Plus I always help with planning.


What is your starting price point for your services: still very low, as I’m still a newbie in the wedding industry. I do shoot full-time wedding only 4 years. So my starting point right now is $5k.


How do you go about producing a contract for a couple once they hire you: Nowadays we can do everything via email, electronically.


What is the typical process of hiring you: For me, it is essential that my client really like my work. If the conversation starts with “how much”, I know it won’t work. Most of the brides that booked me, called mostly like “I love your work and want you to be my photographer”. Well and from this point it’s easy. Consultation (in person, Skype or phone call), contract, deposit and I’m theirs.


Can you breakdown how payment works? I do take a 50% deposit. The rest no later than on the wedding day.


If you do a destination wedding who is responsible for paying for your travel?  Is that part of your package? I do love traveling, and most of my weddings are destinations weddings. It really depends on where it is. If it’s close to Miami or NYC, I usually do not charge any travel fee.


How many photographers are part of your team? How many the bride really needs. 90% of my weddings are captured by 2 photographers, some I can shoot myself only, and some need more than 2. Never needed more than 4.


Give 5 major tips couples should know before confirming a vendor. For me, it is about loving their work and style. You should feel some connection with that person. I do not like word vendors. You know why? So many people do weddings only because there is money, but they hate it. Those are vendors. I do love weddings and my couples, and most of them, if not all, became my friends.




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