Battington Beauty: The Most Natural Looking Eyelash

Who doesn’t love to bat their eyes?

Whether you prefer your lashes to look long and voluminous, fluffy, whispy or curly, false eyelashes are the ultimate way to upgrading your overall beauty look. Mascaras are no longer giving us justice and us beauties have fallen for the false lash trend to enhance our look. Fake lashes will stay all day through rain, sleet, or snow, and will continue to serve you justice until it is time to take them off. Mastering false eyelash application doesn’t require a masters degree. However, it’s definitely not a walk in the park. This skill set takes time and practice but once you have it – it’s a life changer. Being the lash guru that I am, and I say that humbly I am extremely picky when it comes to my lash selection. I’m normally the Mega Volume Lash girl who lashes might barely touch their brows. I can also wake up and feel like being a little more modest for the day by wearing a lighter pair which makes me look like I have a hint of mascara on.  Ultimately, the fit, feel and look of a lash are huge components for me, and I was ecstatic to find my new favorite false lash company and excited to share the details with you!

Benefit Cosmetics LLC
Battington Beauty has the most favorable natural looking false lashes on the market, in my opinion. These lashes last up to 25 applications which is amazing because false lashes can be an investment. These beautiful lashes are made of 100 percent handmade silk and are available in 6 different styles. These lashes are the perfect options for your wedding day and honeymoon. 



If you aren’t sure where to begin Battington Beauty has you covered with their app that provides you with an option to try out different looks virtually by uploading an image of yourself. How amazing, and convenient is that?

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