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Many women have embraced the organic lifestyle when it comes to their diets, but have you ever considered taking an organic approach to your makeup? In the age of “Going Green,” there is no shortage of companies marketing organic products to you, and cosmetics have certainly not missed out on the moment. There are dozens of brands that now offer organic options, and navigating the sea of choices can be daunting and overwhelming. The biggest hurdle for makeup lovers, wanting to switch-over to an organic brand, has been product performance. While there is no shortage of options, there is a shortage of quality. In my quest to better serve my clientele, I test new and existing brands regularly. I like to be able to offer options to my clients that want to incorporate organic products into their makeup routine, without sacrificing quality. Luckily for them, I have come to learn about and love an organic-friendly luxury brand named Kjaer Weis.


Kjaer Weis was started by Kirsten Kjaer Weis, a professional makeup artist. Kjaer wanted to offer a product to her clients that was organic, yet able to perform as well as the chemical-laden products that are often used. This sent Kjaer on a mission, an 8-year mission, to develop a product line that would meet her needs. Kirsten ended-up partnering with an Italian manufacturer that used high-quality natural and organic ingredients, exclusively. And today, you now have the Kjaer Weis cosmetics line.

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In addition to bringing the organic cosmetics line to fruition, Kirsten worked with an award-winning creative director to develop the packaging for the line. The makeup’s packaging is truly extraordinary and luxurious. The makeup compacts are made of metal, and are embossed with Kirsten’s initials, KW, in white enamel. To add to the luxury, the metal compacts come in a red lacquer, grain-textured box, bringing to mind the experience of receiving an expensive piece of jewelry.  In keeping with the “green” theme of her line, Kristen also made the compacts refillable. The pans of the compacts easily pop out so that you can purchase refills once you’ve run out. And this doesn’t go for just the foundation, even the mascara tube is designed for refills. Waste has truly been minimized in this well-though-out packaging.

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If you’re in the market to revolutionize your makeup bag, this might just be the direction for you to travel in. The line is perfect for women of all complexions. Kjaer offers a global range of skin tones for her cream foundation, and a universally flattering color palette of eye shadows, lip tints, and cream blushes. I hope you will enjoy the products as much as I have. You can view their full offering at: Kjaer Weis.


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